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  1. I have been baffled for quite some time now seeking to change the default image that is pulled when a link to my site ( www.DuinoKit.com ) is shared on Facebook. The image that shows appears to be a default image in the original theme, however, I cannot locate or find how to change this image. Any suggestions?
  2. Here is a interesting one that sprang up today. I had a customer go online and place a 17pcs order. They were in a group for a 15% discount. Prestashop seems to have take the 15% discount two times, processed the payment through PayPal, but never created in order in the storefront. I only had notification from PayPal about the completed payment. Any thoughts? www.DuinoKit.com
  3. Thank you for testing. DuinoKit.com is the site. Seems to work sometimes, but not others.
  4. Working on configuration for this seemingly great module. Love it so far, but I'm having difficulty when uploading images getting the entire image to appear. Module seems to crop images when uploaded. Is there an ideal height/width for a good upload. Image could then be cropped using "Draw Area". Very well done module! Thank yo in advance on uploading images without cropping.
  5. Recently reverted back to (upgraded to 1.6, but several modules and email quit working). I have a custom theme from Prestashop_theme_maker. Site. DuinoKit.com Whenever a visitor adds item to cart and then goes to checkout or login, the cart keeps clearing the contents. I think it is somehow related to the use of "www" in the domain or not. I cannot seem to get the correct configuration. I have tried.... Plus more turn off ajax cart option clear smarty cache different browsers turned off ccc options reinstall/reset cart block module etc.... Any suggestions or can someone help troubleshoot / test / and fix the issue?
  6. Can you be more specific as to where to place this code. I am running 1.5 (after dowgrading from 1.6). fairly fresh install with a custom theme. When a user is logged in, site seems fine, but if not logged in and placing thing in cart, once going to check-out or trying to login, the cart is then emptied. I thought it was something with cookies or the use/exclusion of the www in the domain, but I've tried this for the past 10 hours and I'm still stumped. Site is at duinokit.com
  7. Still needing help after my recent upgrade to I have resent modules and tried everything I can think of but still having the following problems. 1) Customer "Last Visit Date" is not populating 2) Stats-->Visitors online never shows anyone 3) When I get customers to receive order confirmations, it keep sending out the same message over and over about 2 hours apart. I am debating about a fresh install (previous as an "upgrade"), however I had some custom coding for the Forum module and I'm now kind of happy with my home page. Will these be lost with a full reinstall? Is there someone willing to help either install or fix current issues? I'm at wits end.... Dan
  8. Is there a PrestaShop Expert available that may be able to the my "Customer --> Last visit date to populate? Help....
  9. I did make a DB backup, but then did the upgrade to All my past date seem fine, however with current logins or NEW customers there is not a valid "Last Visit" date. For existing customers it is displaying a date prior to the upgrade, for new customers there is no last visit date but a valid registration date.
  10. I recently upgraded from PS to and now I am noticing several problems.... 1) Emails are not being sent when I recieve new orders 2) I'm having new customers register and they show up, however the "Last visit" date is not active for anyone visiting my site. 3) Stats-->Visitors Online NEVER shows anyone as ever being online. There may be other things I have not caught yet, but these are standing out. Especially the lack of emails when an order is placed. Any suggestions would be great or I would love to work with someone who can help fix and get my site fully functional. Cheers, Dan
  11. I recently upgraded from 1.5 to and the emails to customers and new orders do not appear to be going out. I also tried a Newsletter test and do not seem to have these going either. I'm using PHP mail() function. Just upgraded the PHP mail script as well and still no luck. Any suggestions on how to get my storefront operational and sending emails again?
  12. I am having an issue with registration dates accurate and "last visit" date being several days before registration. I also had a recent customer (new registration) place an order and never showing a visit date. See image. Also noticed that the Stats->Visitors Online is not ever showing anyone. This upgrade did not go too smoothly..... Any thoughts. Cannot find anything in the forum.
  13. I am looking for a Forum module that will use my customers as members of the forum. I see 2 or 3 already out there, but I need the additional functionality. 1) Re-Captch to eliminate SPAM posts 2) File uploading with option to place images inline (in post) Maybe someone can modify an existing forum module to include these features? Cheers, Dan
  14. Is there an easy mod or module that would allow store admin the ability to manually input a shipping cost what entering an order in backoffice? I know an order can be marker for "free shipping" or the shipping rate is automatically calculated and applied. I would like the ability to modify this shipping amount. Thanks in advance, Dan
  15. My storefront ( has begun splitting one order with several items into multiple orders. I've confirmed all items show as "in stock", but still get orders split up. Is there another setting somewhere that I am missing? Dan
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