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  1. Hello PrestaAlba, I checked once your module.. i have a question : There is shop A and shop B There is 15 products X When shop A sell a product X, what does it tell to shop B ? Does it tell this ? : "hello shop B, there are now 14 product X left" Thanks
  2. Unfortunately, the module didnt really succeed to block the chineese bot, it only worked few hours. (and then 302 000 new mails sent ) Chineese bots are too good, we gonna set up recaptacha. Thanks anyway for the work and for the module.
  3. Hello guys, Vouchers not appearing in customers account.. but they work nice everywhere else on the site. Could you tell me what php file control discount.tpl ? it is related to {if isset($cart_rules) && count($cart_rules) && $nb_cart_rules} Thank you edit : ho maybe DiscountController.php
  4. thumb up for this question
  5. Thank you matt this is it. => if you upgraded to still with same theme then make the change in the contact-form.tpl file of your theme as seen in matt75's link
  6. Je constate aussi la disparition mais je vais fouiller, je dois en avoir une copie mais le truc c'est qu'il y avait un bug assez sérieux (si je me souviens bien) et du coup malgré notre contrat on a laissé TNT de côté. Par contre ça vaut peut-être le coup d'aller voir du côté de DPD
  7. Thank you ! first you answered my question, and secondly you answerd my futur question i didnt asked (if possible throuh SSH) then i will make a test. Thanks again.
  8. is it possible to install odoo on a cloud web server ? It is easy with prestashop and Dolibarr but ive never succeded with Odoo
  9. En 2016, Quel Erp Pour Prestashop ?

    tu peux installer odoo sur un serveur distant (genre monsite.com) comme prestashop ou dolibarr ? parce que j'ai testé avec dolibarr ça fonctionne nikel, mais j'arrive pas avec odoo de la même manière je me demande ce que valent les modules pour dolibarr sur addons
  10. And.. if you have like 5 prestashop and 5 physical shops, and want to manage a synchronized shop... what solution would you think ? I think ERP but... damn.. so much work if i have to code everything. Only Dolibarr (open source) seems to get a correct premade module to synch, (available on addons) but i doubt a bit.. What do you think ?
  11. Merge two different pdf's into a single one

    I just done something like this, a bit harder because i had to merge many differents files, some vertical and some landscape like. you can use FPDF and FPDI (you have to include them). adding 'original' and 'duplicate' should be easy, check the manual to merge : $file = array [filename1.pdf, filename2.pdf,...] then : $pdf = new FPDI(); // iterate through the files foreach ($files AS $file) { // get the page count $pageCount = $pdf->setSourceFile($file); // iterate through all pages for ($pageNo = 1; $pageNo <= $pageCount; $pageNo++) { // import a page $templateId = $pdf->importPage($pageNo); // get the size of the imported page $size = $pdf->getTemplateSize($templateId); // create a page (landscape or portrait depending on the imported page size) if ($size['w'] > $size['h']) { $pdf->AddPage('L', array($size['w'], $size['h'])); } else { $pdf->AddPage('P', array($size['w'], $size['h'])); } // use the imported page $pdf->useTemplate($templateId); } } // output the pdf as a file (http://www.fpdf.org/en/doc/output.htm) $pdf->Output(_PS_ADMIN_DIR_.'/../modules/yourmodulename/merged.pdf','F');
  12. css for HOME only

    show your page url and ill tell you
  13. Creating a cart rule via php code

    As mentionned on first post by mitsos1os, i dont find any real core developper doc either.. is there somthing i missed too ? maybe there should be a pinned post about this For exemple, where is the doc that mention the structure of class $coupon ? Ive done only simples modules right now and each time it is pretty painful to find the informations