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  1. Is there anyway that I can keep the website live and not in maintenance while working on a new theme for the website? I would like to use old theme while i prepare the new one is that possible? Thanks
  2. Then why does it work fine for the wholesale side using and calling to the same css?
  3. I have a multi store in my main store whenever I add a slide I get a 1 2 3 4 etc thats stacks up in a single row below the slider image. How can I fix this? It isnt that way on the wholesale store of mine only in the retail main store I have unistalled reinstalled still same problem. www.ineedfireworks.com right now i have 2 slider images there and you will see the 1 and 2 below it. Any ideas anyone?
  4. Hi all I upgraded the top Horizontial Menu on my multi stor now the menu is messed up pretty bad. I made ccc and js no and still same problem. I am running PrestaShop version: The site address is http://www.ineedfireworks.com Maybe a hook is incorrect or the upgrading of top hor menu dd this. It used to be white font across with the links now there is a drop down and the links are stacked and not white. Any help or ideas are much appreciacted. Is there any way to remove the update on the top horizontial menu? Thanks
  5. Well my front office of the sitre is loading very slow, and I have several customers complaining lately. here are my stats below. What can I do to help the load time? Load time: 1.442s You'd better run your shop on a toasterconfig: 170ms constructor: 0ms init: 91ms checkAccess: 0ms setMedia: 7ms postProcess: 0ms initHeader: 0ms initContent: 917ms initFooter: 56ms display: 201ms Hook processing: 971ms / 21.62 Mb 62 methods called in 39 modulesdisplayHomeTab: 296ms / 1.17 Mb displayRightColumn: 179ms / 1.8 Mb displayLeftColumn: 151ms / 3.28 Mb displayHeader: 136ms / 10.55 Mb displayTop: 134ms / 3.67 Mb displayFooter: 55ms / 0.9 Mb displayHomeTabContent: 15ms / 0.16 Mb displayHome: 4ms / 0.09 Mb moduleRoutes: 0ms / 0 Mb DisplayOverrideTemplate: 0ms / 0 Mb actionFrontControllerSetMedia: 0ms / 0 Mb actionDispatcher: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectAddAfter: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectAddBefore: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectConnectionsSourceAddAfter: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectConnectionsSourceAddBefore: 0ms / 0 Mb Memory peak usage: 39.6 Mbconfig: 11.25 Mb (11.3 Mb) constructor: 0 Mb (11.3 Mb) init: 5.15 Mb (16.5 Mb) checkAccess: 0 Mb (16.5 Mb) setMedia: 0.33 Mb (16.8 Mb) postProcess: 0 Mb (16.8 Mb) initHeader: 0.01 Mb (16.8 Mb) initContent: 20.75 Mb (38.9 Mb) initFooter: 0.91 Mb (39.6 Mb) display: 0.33 Mb (39.6 Mb) Total cache size (in Cache class): 0 Mb DB type: DbPDO SQL Queries: 97 queries Time spent querying: 147ms Included files: 219 Size of included files: 2.68 Mb Globals (> 1 Ko only): 378 Ko_MODULES ≈ 171.7 Ko _LANG ≈ 90.8 Ko HTTP_SERVER_VARS ≈ 14.3 Ko _SERVER ≈ 14.3 Ko HTTP_ENV_VARS ≈ 13.6 Ko _ENV ≈ 13.5 Ko HTTP_COOKIE ≈ 6.4 Ko _REQUEST ≈ 6.1 Ko HTTP_COOKIE_VARS ≈ 6.1 Ko _COOKIE ≈ 6.1 Ko _MODULE ≈ 3.8 Ko d2cbd34e18ed49ff98c9b105647db9e5 ≈ 1.6 Ko
  6. Well I upgraded to 1.6 but I am having some troubles. On the back end under orders I used to be able to remove or add products to the customers orders. I can no longer do that the option to remove or add new prdocust is not under the customers order. Is there something I need to enable or is this a problem more are having? The only option I have is to add new discount. Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Yep that fixed it. Thanks I was racking by brain on that.
  8. Ok so the top of my muti store on the wholesale side is blowing out by the top horizontal menu I have tried the slide show, the footer the top menu but I cannot seem to get it fixed. the main store is fine but the wholesale side is messed up. Does anyone have any ideas? http://www.ineedfireworks.com/wholesale/ error here at the top http://ineedfireworks.com this one is fine
  9. Yes thank you. After install of upgrade the trophy would show then disappear then the badges would pop up like i had clicked on it. every time. it was driving me bonkers. So disabling it got rid of the problem all together. Thanks
  10. I upgraded to today all seems well so far with the exception of the badges in BO. the trophy shows up then disappears and the badges pop up showing me the badges. It does this on anything I do in BO. I have to click on where the trophy would be to get them to go away. But every thing I do it pops back up. Any suggestions on fixing this nuisance? Thanks
  11. maybe it will work if you create the product twice one products with wholesale customers attributes, and only that group customer can see it, then the second same product with the retail attributes and only the retail customers can see that. Will that make it work?
  12. El thanks for your reply. The percent discount would work. Will the prices show the discount to the customer? Also can the products have different attributes for the different price group levels? from what I see on there current website with Big is that it is one product added and each customer group has different options that other groups do not have, So a retail person has all size bottle options to choose from but the wholesale customer can only select a few bottle sizes for resale. Can this be done as well?
  13. So I have a customer who uses big commerce, They want me to re do there site and cart. My questions is this. There big site has customer and attribute groups. So they can have a wholesale customer log in and see a certain price and options to order certain sizes of a product for there store to re sale. with the same token a retail customers goes to the site and has a different price showing with even more options. the owner doesn't want to give the same options or attributes to a retail customer as they do to a wholesale buyer or retail store, as well as price. Does prestashop do this? If so can someone steer me in the correct directions for this. Also the customer doesn't like big because of the ecc quickbooks web integration, I have been looking at cartspan for them. does anyone have any input on quick books and integrating it with the shopping cart? Thanks
  14. You can not show prices in Customers Groups I have vistors and guests to not display prices. But it is in the best sellers block and it should not. I checked best sellers and top sellers block there is no option to not show prices for the blocks/modules. So I am guessing the code would have to be modified but not sure. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. Yes I have my store set to not show prices unless you log in. However the best sellers category box is showing prices to vistors or guests. How do i shut it off so that the prices do not show? www.ineedfireworks.com Thanks Billy
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