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  1. i've just tested the advanced stock management with version 1.5.4 and now the warehouse stock is updated with regular product...


    Hi Keutche,


    Any chance you could update the demo site so that we can try out the module with warehousing in Prestashop 1.5.4?

  2. Yes, this was also a topic here in our office, but we decided against this option in this free version. There is a pro version from the module but either that isnt know this yet, not sure if is there a need for this.


    There are several paid slider modules that have this feature. If this feature was included a Pro version of the minic module I would happily pay for it.

  3. Thanks for such a great module.


    This has probably been asked for already but it would be great to have the facility to setup multiple sliders instead of just 1. A few people have asked me about having a slideshow in their category pages with different slides in each category slideshow.


    Is there a way of achieving this in Minic?

  4. Probablemente necesitás configurar el atributo de altura para acomodar los títulos de productos que se extienden en 2 líneas.




    #product_list li {

    text-align: center;

    float: left;

    width: 142px;

    padding: 16px;

    margin-bottom: 14px;

    margin-right: 20px;

    background-color: #f9f9f9;

    height: 235px; /* Añadir esta línea */


  5. The log is empty, but I found the following errors:


    Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/furryme/httpdocs/modules/minicslider/minicslider.php on line 473

    Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/furryme/httpdocs/modules/minicslider/minicslider.php on line 479


    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open '/home/janb/httpdocs/furryme/modules/minicslider//uploads/thumbs/admin_slideshow-gallery_en.jpg' for writing in /home/furryme/httpdocs/images.inc.php on line 334


    Somehow the script want to access the janb home dir!

    Any ideas?



    the path seem to be broken by $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']



    For everyone being told to 'Check permissions' this is how I fixed the issue (credit to marcelx for the clue):


    After chmod 777 I still had: Error: An error occurred while creating thumbnails.


    My Prestashop installation is in http://www.mydomain.com/prestashop but I use .htaccess rewrite so customers only see http://www.mydomain.com/ in the URLs and address bar.


    After reading the post by marcelx I opened minislider.php file in the module folder and edited lines 723 & 725:


    Line 723 (before):

    $path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$this->_path.'/uploads/';

    Line 723 (after):

    $path = '/home/greenshr/public_html/prestashop/modules/minicslider/uploads/';


    Line 725 (before):

    $pathThumb = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$this->_path.'/uploads/thumbs/';

    Line 725 (after):

    $pathThumb = '/home/greenshr/public_html/prestashop/modules/minicslider/uploads/thumbs/';


    Placing the full path to these folders solved the issue. Hope this helps.

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  6. you can use product attributes and combination, like example of product of iPod Nano. You can add a new attribute "blind measurements" at back office catalog and products management tab.


    Back office

    Catalog tab

    Attributes and Groups sub tab

    Product tab


    I have done this before with to create combinations with predefined sizes (small, medium, large) but I don't understand how this can allow the customer to define ANY size (height/width in cm) and have the price change accordingly.

  7. Did they say that in this thread? I have seen no updates from the developers for months. A Lite edition was announced a long time ago and the Eject Core website (or Twitter) doesn’t appear to have been updated either.

    I am wondering if development on this product (Enterprise, Lite & Community editions) has ceased altogether?

    Now it's not important. In RC6 we have improved 'Layered Navigation' with filters of attributes.

    Does this mean we will be emulate some of the Filter Search functionality?

    I had considered migrating to Magento as the Filter Search module for Prestashop seemed to have finished. I would prefer not to move to Magento as I like the simplicity of making changes to my Prestashop store and have already invested a lot of time into my store.
  8. We have to wait. Developers of this module said that they are going to do module for 1.4. But I don't when.

    Did they say that in this thread? I have seen no updates from the developers for months. A Lite edition was announced a long time ago and the Eject Core website (or Twitter) doesn't appear to have been updated either.

    I am wondering if development on this product (Enterprise, Lite & Community editions) has ceased altogether?

  9. /themes/your_theme/product-list.tpl

    {if $product.new == 1}{l s='new'}{/if}{$product.name|truncate:45:'...'|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}
                                   //this is where we add in a loop to print the features out
                       {if $product.features}
                       <!-- product's features -->
                       {foreach from=$product.features item=feature}
                                      //you can filter by feature ids, feature name or feature value
                           {if $feature.id_feature == 41 || $feature.name == 'Colour - ' || $feature.value == 'Red'}
    {$feature.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}
    <br>                   {/if}<br>                                // end edited code<br><br><br

    Hope that helps


    Thanks for the help.

    I used elements of that code to display a specific product feature on my Featured Products block on the homepage.
  10. Ignoring the surrounding HTML this is how I have achieved the result you are looking (just listing the Feature value in my case):

    {foreach from=$product.features item=feature name=features}
    {if $feature.id_feature == 23}

    Incidentally I have used code like this on the homepage (in featured products block), category pages and on product pages.

    If you have any issues let me know.

  11. I am using MeGa DrOwN mEnU Evolution (v1.4) on Prestashop (v1.3).

    I have many categories (which are country names) listed in my drop down menus.

    For some reason they appear to be sorted by category ID numbers instead of alphabetically. Also the menu ignores category manually sort.

    Is there any way to resolve this as looking at a list of countries in what appears to be a 'random' (category ID ASC) order does not help my customers find what they are looking for.

  12. Hello to all Filtersearch Community Version Users
    This gives Filter Search Enterprise and the soon to be released Lite edition incredible speed (more than a 75% increase) and amazing extensibility options.

    Yes we did just announce that Filter Search Lite is near completion!
    We will release one last update for Filter Search 2.1 Community Edition which is to fix bugs and some of the new issues that you have mentioned on the forums with prestashop 1.3.2.

    Great news about the highly anticipated Lite Edition.

    Any chance it will be released before Christmas or will we have to wait until next year?
  13. In that case, go to Preferences > Products and change the "Default order by" field. You can use "Product added date" to sort them by date added, or you can use "Position inside category" and then use the arrows on the Catalog tab to reposition the products.

    I am using Filter Search Community edition and that doesn't seem to support the 'Position inside category' sort option. That is why I was hoping I could change the Sort By Name functionality to fit my needs.
  14. PrestaShop v1.4 lets you change the position of categories like you can with products, but since it isn't ready for public use yet and you are using v1.3, you will need to add a prefix in front of the categories to order them:

    01.AA 18
    02.AA 179
    03.AA 181

    It is products that I am trying to sort.

    However I have thousands of products and manually sorting them will be a major task.

    Is there not a file I can edit to get the products sorted correctly by default?
  15. My website lists all products with the catalogue number at the begining of the product title (format: AA 1 - Product Name, AA 2 - Product Name, etc ).

    Part of the logic behind this is that customers could browse the catalogue in chronological order. However the sort by name logic in Prestashop is not as I expected.

    For example when I sort by name (Asc) I get the following products listed in this order:
    AA 179
    AA 18
    AA 181

    However I want them to be listed in this order:
    AA 18
    AA 179
    AA 181

    I am using Prestashop 1.3 and would welcome any suggestions on how to resolve this?

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