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  1. Seems like a great module, but I have one issue that I haven't found the answer to. There are 2 admins on the site and the blog links shows on the backend for one admin (mine, as I was the one who installed it, I guess) but it does not show up when logged in as the second admin. It just does not show up on his menu bar when he's logged in. Any suggestions?
  2. Update - when I disabled the authorize.net module, the 1-click upgrade reappears. So there must be a conflict between the two?????
  3. Originally 1-click upgrade 1.3.5, which I just upgraded to 1.3.11 to see if the upgrade helped. It did not. Now getting a different error message "Fatal error: Call to undefined method AdminSelfUpgrade::addJQuery() in /home/********/public_html/modules/authorizeaim/authorizeaim.php on line 129. A programmer who does some work for our company took a look and thinks it might be caused by a prestashop update not fully completing. We're going to be switching servers soon so we're interested to see what happens once things are migrated over to a fresh install of prestashop.
  4. One click upgrade was working perfectly before, but now I get a blank white screen. I turned on error reporting and get the following error message when I go to both advanced parameters/1-cick upgrade and also when trying to configure the module: Fatal error: Call to undefined method AdminSelfUpgrade::addJQuery() in /****/public_html/modules/authorizeaim/authorizeaim.php on line 129 We just recently put in the account info for using authorize.net for credit card payments. When I open up authorizeaim.php, there is no "AdminSelfUpgrade" line anywhere, and I don't know why that would even come up since it's a different module from the 1-click upgrade (which is the autoupgrade module). So I'm very confused here (BTW, I'm not a coder, I'm a designer). Anybody able to help???
  5. Hey - yes, you're right - "products" is showing there instead of "home". I didn't realize I could change it there. Thanks - that took care of that problem so now I can set my featured items on the homepage. MUCH APPRECIATED!
  6. Nope - I didn't change it. It was there one day then it was gone. As you can see in the screenshot taken of the ps_category_lang table through my phpmyadmin, there is a home and a product category. In the ps_category table (inset in the screenshot), home is set as the root directory. The only thing done in between was to import a csv of products, but I did not use numeric categories - I used the actual category names (such as herbs, oils, etc.), so that should not have affected the numbers of the categories. I do need both the Home and the Product categories for the proper functioning of the shop, so I really appreciate any suggestions!
  7. I've been scouring the web looking for an answer. Somewhere along the line my Home category disappeared. I'm not talking about my home page. It doesn't seem to affect the look or working of the front-end shop, but in the back-end, when I go into my product associations iit's not there. I need this to set a featured item. I'm attaching a screenshot. I checked the ps_category_lang table (using myphpadmin) and category #2 (products) was showing as the root category, so I changed category #1 to the root. But it hasn't made a difference - I still have "Products" showing as the root instead of home. I need to control my featured items, so anyone able to help?
  8. Ahh! Bravo! Exactly as you displayed it! I knew there was a CSS code to throw in, but you saved me a ton of trial and error time. THANK YOU! I'm a happy camper now!
  9. I have moved it between all 5 footer modules and checked to see what happens, and it's the same -either above or below all the others, instead of neatly lined up with them.
  10. Yeah, I know - that's the problem. It's either above or below the other footer modules no matter which position I move it to (on the modules/positions page). I've tried it at the beginning, middle and end positions and it simply won't line up neatly with the others.
  11. I'm experiencing footer alignment issues with my prestashop site. This is my first prestashop site so I'm still learning. Anyhow, I've tried positioning and repositioning the footer modules but my permanentlinks block just will not align horizontally with the others. It wants to sit above or below. I haven't had time to start playing with the css as of yet. My client's temporary website URL is Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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