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  1. thaanks... i guess the new version was quite troublesome... we could not add products to the cart .. slider issues.. and payment gateway issues... i had to move back to my old version... but when i restored my session i found that the back end has some issues ... could you please help me solve this.
  2. Hi . I am facing this issue for quite some time.. my back end has multiple search bars covering my header. please help on the same. please find the image attached
  3. hi there. i have upgraded my prestashopt to the latest version and i see that the image slider does not have options to change the height of the module. could some one help with where to enter the script for the same. www.petme.in
  4. Hi i am facing the same issue and i uploaded it using softalculous. please help where do i find the ftp or the install folders to delete i tried to delete the install folder from the win rar file and renamed the admin ... but still unable to log back in to my site
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