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  1. Great help !! Thank you ! So as far I understand I need to : 1) replicate the category module to have 2 similar modules in total as separate modules. 2) use one of them as the regular category module 3) use hacked version of the second, replicated one to act as a dropdown list of one, the same category tree ( I could hardcode the category id in there to display "our picks" dropdown only ) Is there a way of putting just a snippet of smarty code to the header.tpl just to loop a list of category_id = 5 ?
  2. Hi, My Client wants to have a dropdown based on a certain category to be shown in the header section, next to the logo. I tihnk the easiest would be to replicate "block category" module and install it in the header section (with hardcoded parent number) ? Am I right ? How can I install the category block to be shown in the header section please? Is there any easiest way like just putting a loop to the header.tpl which returns always the same level of the same category without hardcore coding ? So lets say we have the logo and then next to it a simple dropdown "our picks" based on the category
  3. Is there any other alternative? 200 pounds for a module is quite expencive... Is there any free way ?
  4. I have exactly the same problem with the ps_address_format after upgrading from version 1.4 to 1.6 !!!! Corrupted data !!! Thank you !!!
  5. Hi, Which module would you recommend me to set up a prestashop shop and sell amazon products as a dropshipper? Is there any free solution ?
  6. Hi Shacker, Thank you so much for the module ! regards, SonnyBoy
  7. I think that it wouldn't be a good idea from seo point of view to have the main thing (shop) in a sub-folder
  8. Can I have both modification applied? (the SQL postal code hack and the module )
  9. But In my opinion Prestashop is still way better as an e-commerce platform than Wordpress. I would like to keep them separate but be able to blend layout together in some points. For example I wish to have wordpress driven magazine style homepage in the root folder www.myshop.com/ (great for SEO )
  10. Hi, Im wondering how to integrate prestashop (1.5) and Wordpress. I dont want to have 2 separate projects like myshop.com and myshop.com/blog. The most important thing is that I need to have the main hompage wordpress driven. Any ideas?
  11. Have you solved the issue? I have the same problem....
  12. I have the same problem. When I try add additional shops Im getting: "internet server error 500" .....
  13. That means I could have 100 different shops on the same server under the same base domain with ease?
  14. Hi, How many stores can I set up maximum using the "multistore" feature? 5, 50 , 500 ? I can't find any information in the documentation about it. Is there any limitations? regards, SonnyBoy
  15. Hi, I need to have physically just one product and price variation depending on categories. The product will have different price (discounted %) in subcategory ABC and different price in subcategory XYZ. It should work like the feature from : "Customer group >> Current category discount" but for now there is a note: "Only products that have this category as the default category will be affected." I need to have a real current category discount. One products and multiple price variations in the different subcategories. Maybe there is the other way? Im using PS in version 1.4.6 Thanks!!
  16. It works. Thanks very much for this!
  17. Hi, This fantastic module doesn't work under PS 1.5 ... Im getting : " no products in the carousel" .... Do you have any idea how to fix it, please?
  18. Hi, How to make it works under the PS 1.5 ? Im getting message "no products in a carousel"
  19. try this: http://www.jellygnite.com.au/blog/index.php/archive/update-display-html-in-prestashop-category-description-v-1-4/
  20. Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, I still have problems with redirection.... For example: I cant redirect page www.domain.co.uk/index.html to www.domain.co.uk/ I have tried many ways and still lands on "page-not-found" page ....
  21. Hi , im getting this error: ....... Smarty error: [in C:\xampp\xampp\htdocs\mysite/modules/modwordpress/modwordpress.tpl line 11]: syntax error: unrecognized tag: $i=0
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