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  1. Great help !! Thank you ! So as far I understand I need to : 1) replicate the category module to have 2 similar modules in total as separate modules. 2) use one of them as the regular category module 3) use hacked version of the second, replicated one to act as a dropdown list of one, the same category tree ( I could hardcode the category id in there to display "our picks" dropdown only ) Is there a way of putting just a snippet of smarty code to the header.tpl just to loop a list of category_id = 5 ?
  2. Hi, My Client wants to have a dropdown based on a certain category to be shown in the header section, next to the logo. I tihnk the easiest would be to replicate "block category" module and install it in the header section (with hardcoded parent number) ? Am I right ? How can I install the category block to be shown in the header section please? Is there any easiest way like just putting a loop to the header.tpl which returns always the same level of the same category without hardcore coding ? So lets say we have the logo and then next to it a simple dropdown "our picks" based on the category
  3. Hi, How can I add the manufacturer block / module to the header of my shop please? I just need to have a simple dropdown next to the logo thank you !
  4. Prestashop + Amazon Dropshipping

    Is there any other alternative? 200 pounds for a module is quite expencive... Is there any free way ?
  5. [Solved] Fatal Error - Add An Address

    I have exactly the same problem with the ps_address_format after upgrading from version 1.4 to 1.6 !!!! Corrupted data !!! Thank you !!!
  6. Hi, Which module would you recommend me to set up a prestashop shop and sell amazon products as a dropshipper? Is there any free solution ?
  7. ps_connections and Bad SQL Query

    Hi Shacker, Thank you so much for the module ! regards, SonnyBoy
  8. Prestashop + Wordpress Integration

    I think that it wouldn't be a good idea from seo point of view to have the main thing (shop) in a sub-folder
  9. [extension] UK Postal Zones Pack

    Can I have both modification applied? (the SQL postal code hack and the module )
  10. Prestashop + Wordpress Integration

    But In my opinion Prestashop is still way better as an e-commerce platform than Wordpress. I would like to keep them separate but be able to blend layout together in some points. For example I wish to have wordpress driven magazine style homepage in the root folder www.myshop.com/ (great for SEO )
  11. Hi, Im wondering how to integrate prestashop (1.5) and Wordpress. I dont want to have 2 separate projects like myshop.com and myshop.com/blog. The most important thing is that I need to have the main hompage wordpress driven. Any ideas?
  12. Hi, Can I have different attributes for different shops (multi store feature) ?
  13. Real Current Category Discount

    any idea, guys?
  14. Real Current Category Discount

    Hi, I need to have physically just one product and price variation depending on categories. The product will have different price (discounted %) in subcategory ABC and different price in subcategory XYZ. It should work like the feature from : "Customer group >> Current category discount" but for now there is a note: "Only products that have this category as the default category will be affected." I need to have a real current category discount. One products and multiple price variations in the different subcategories. Maybe there is the other way? Im using PS in version 1.4.6 Thanks!!
  15. [Module] MGC Home Products Carousel

    Hi, How to make it works under the PS 1.5 ? Im getting message "no products in a carousel"