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  1. Hello How is it possible to make a module for shipping if the carrier has the information to build it? Here is link for the HTML - http://uus.smartpost.ee/widget/#eng Since I really dont know how to do that, could anyone please help me?
  2. Hello, I am running 2 domains from 1 server. First domain runs from the main folder, and domain 2 runs from the sub folder. When dealing with domain 2, problems occour for example when entering into live edit, it opens domain1, when opening domain2, must enter /index.php, othervise it will open domain1 when changing to friendly url, even entering with index.php it opens domain1 What could be the problem or solution?
  3. Maybe any more suggestions about the site? modules, looks..
  4. Yes, that took me time to figure out the codes for the first time! Thanks again
  5. This is mind blowing Thanks for the help, did not even imagine it would work like that.
  6. I mean it says "This module is already placed there"
  7. It wont let me change, says "This module cannot be moved into that place".
  8. Thankyou for your replies! I tried to change under postsions but it did not help. Also followed the topic about drop menu. http://registraator.ee this is the site, please take a look!
  9. Hello again! After re-installing language block, it has moved to positsion which does not suit the page. How it is possible to move it to upper right corner? Also, how to make the language block without drop menu? Sincerely, Dim
  10. Maybe someone knows, where are such files placed in theme files? Those are the last ones that needs to be translated!! (click to enlarge)
  11. Hello, I have question about google search engine. Which guide/tutorial I could follow, to advertise my page on google? So far I have added google sitemaps module and activated it in google webmaster. What to do next? I know this can take up to month, but how I can make it correctly and to have much more results at google? I am beginner in webpages, hope you can understand me... Sincerely, Dim
  12. Hello I have tried doing thru HTML button, when pressing save, it says the same error!
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