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  1. Yes I thought about it:) I will try to modify the module. Hopefully will come back with something:)
  2. Hi Pascal, It would be a block underneath the single product. Similar to "more in this category" but using a feature attribut to filter products. I don't know if it's possible with smarty or I need to use a SQL query in the tpl file... Regards
  3. Hi there, I have few features attributes (artists, year etc) on each products. I would like to get a list of products who got the same feature attribute, in my case artist to display in product.tpl. How can I do that? Regards
  4. Hi there, I've installed a prestashop version and I would like to get my orders, stats, products and users on this new installation from a 1.4.3 prestashop. Is it fine to just export tables from the old database (1.4.3) to import them into the new database ( The reason I'm doing the update that way is because the autoupgrade plugin failed and also I want to have the new theme along with my previous custom one. (When I used the new theme, it was still using old hooks positions, so I guess it's in the database and also in modules). Hope I'm clear enough Regards
  5. Hi There, I need to know what was the stock level for a shop at a particular date. The stock stats module in Prestashop doesn't allow users to select a time periode or a day. Do you know any plugin for that? Regards
  6. Hola:) Thank you for your message! For people who get an issue after an update to prestashop 1.4.3 and running a 5.3.x php version don't forget to disable safe mode. Cheers
  7. Hi everybody, Im working on a shop with a drop down menu. Im using the tree management javascript to create the menu. I managed to avoid the link on parent category. Now when you click on the parent category that open a subcategories menu. To make that append I just moved the span from the tree over the parent category link. It works fine on all browser but not on IE7/8... On IE I can't open the submenu because the link looks to be over the span... Im using z-index on the span but it looks like it not working on IE even if the parent as a higher z-index. [Edit] I found the problem. My span needed a background to fill the space on IE...
  8. Merci pour votre reponse. J'ai deplacer tous les fichiers du module dans un dossier appelé "old" a la racine du module paypal. Puis j'ai uploadé le contenu du nouveau dans le dossier paypal. Je vous envoie mes codes API par MP. Cordialement
  9. Bonjour, J'ai le meme probleme avec la nouvelle API. J'ai reinitialisé mes codes, desactivé et reuploadé le module et j'obtiens toujours le meme resultat. Avais vous une idée? Dois-je regler quelque chose dans mon compte paypal? Please refer to logs: PayPal response: TIMESTAMP -> 2011-05-24T15:25:50Z L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10002 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Security error L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Security header is not valid L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error PayPal returned error Cordialement
  10. @Dasher3000: Thank you very much for your answer! I left http:// in front of my SSL URL. That was my problem. Cheers.
  11. Bonjour a tous J'essaie de changer le menu javascript. Je souhaite cliquer sur une categorie (ouvre les sous categories) et lorsque l'on clique sur une autre categorie, la premiere se ferme etc. J'ai supprimer le lien sur la categorie parent mais je n'arrive pas a changer le reste. Je travail sur cette fonction function toggleBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation) { if(jQueryElement.hasClass('OPEN')) closeBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation); else openBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation); } Avez vous une idee? Cordialement
  12. Hi everybody, Im trying to change the menu tree. I want to be able to click on a category name, open that one(subcategories will appear) and then click to another category name (subcategories will appear) and the previous opened category should collapse. Im working on the treemanagement file but cannot make it work:( function toggleBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation) { if(jQueryElement.hasClass('OPEN')) closeBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation); else openBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation); } Do you have ideas how I can do that? Regards
  13. I think I will as I try with the original theme and it's the same. Thank you for your time. Regards
  14. None. I updated from to 1.4.1.
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