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  1. On 18/9/2017 at 10:04 AM, tony_mik said:



    The function is a Prestashop function. To use PS functions, you call like this:

    include_once 'config/config.inc.php';

    I get error on this, telling function not defined.

    I tried to search in the entire prestashop code but didn't found a reference to that function.

    Someone can help me?

  2. Hello everybody,

    I'm on first try in invoice editing and everything is going quite well, but I have a problem I don't understand how to solve.


    My test site is going fine, but my online site is not showing up the "base price" in the invoice "tax detail" table.


    This is due there's an IF on that column, checking the "display_tax_bases_in_breakdowns" value. I don't understand why in my test is giving true, but in my online site is giving false.


    I searched for 2h now in the code and i found "PS_INVOICE_TAXES_BREAKDOWN", set on true both on my test and online site, so i think the problem is not setted by that value.

    In table ps_order_detail, tax_computation_method field is set to 0 in both online and test site.


    Anyone can help me change that setting value? I don't know where to find!

  3. Hello everybody,

    i've been using prestashop a lot now, and i feel extremely friendly with it.


    I've to ask some questions, because now I've a particular need on my products and maybe you experts have a better idea than me:


    I've to sell a service on my product: since i sell little objects like bonbonnière for [spam-filter], i've to ask my customers if they want to receive the product disassembled or ready and packaged.


    Since a package have many variables (like the number of sugared allmond, the flavor of it and so on), i thought to sell the "packaging service" as a product. I decided to do so because otherwise specify this variables directly on products, will create a lot of product attributes and each time i've to put the same prices on them.


    Is this the better solution? What you experts would suggest?

    Thanks in advice.



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