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  1. will you try this, SELECT p.id_product, p.active 'Active', m.name 'Manufacturer', p.id_product 'Product Id', p.reference 'Reference', pl.name 'Product name', GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(al.name) SEPARATOR ", ") AS 'Combination', s.quantity 'Quantity', p.price 'Price w/o VAT', pa.price 'Combination price', p.wholesale_price 'Wholesale price', GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(cl.name) SEPARATOR ",") AS 'Product groups', p.weight 'Weight', p.id_tax_rules_group 'TAX group', pa.reference 'Combination reference', pl.description_short 'Short description', pl.description 'Long description', pl.meta_title 'Meta Title', pl.meta_keywords 'Meta Keywords', pl.meta_description 'Meta Description', pl.link_rewrite 'Link', pl.available_now 'In stock text', pl.available_later 'Coming text', p.available_for_order 'Orderable text', p.date_add 'Added', p.show_price 'Show price', p.online_only 'Only online', GROUP_CONCAT("http://", su.domain, su.physical_uri , IF(pai.id_image IS NOT NULL,pai.id_image,im.id_image), "/", REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(pl.name," ","_"),"\"",""),"#",""), ".jpg") AS "Image URL" FROM ps_product p LEFT JOIN ps_product_lang pl ON (p.id_product = pl.id_product AND pl.id_lang=2) LEFT JOIN ps_manufacturer m ON (p.id_manufacturer = m.id_manufacturer) LEFT JOIN ps_category_product cp ON (p.id_product = cp.id_product) LEFT JOIN ps_category c ON (cp.id_category = c.id_category) LEFT JOIN ps_category_lang cl ON (cp.id_category = cl.id_category AND cl.id_lang=2) LEFT JOIN ps_product_attribute pa ON (p.id_product = pa.id_product) LEFT JOIN ps_stock_available s ON (p.id_product = s.id_product AND (pa.id_product_attribute=s.id_product_attribute OR pa.id_product_attribute IS NULL)) LEFT JOIN ps_product_tag pt ON (p.id_product = pt.id_product) LEFT JOIN ps_product_attribute_combination pac ON (pac.id_product_attribute = pa.id_product_attribute) LEFT JOIN ps_attribute_lang al ON (al.id_attribute = pac.id_attribute AND al.id_lang=2) LEFT JOIN ps_shop sh ON p.id_shop_default = sh.id_shop LEFT JOIN ps_shop_url su ON su.id_shop = sh.id_shop AND su.main = 1 LEFT JOIN ps_image im ON (p.id_product = im.id_product AND im.cover = 1) LEFT JOIN ps_product_attribute_image pai ON (pai.id_product_attribute = s.id_product_attribute) GROUP BY p.id_product,pac.id_product_attribute ORDER BY p.id_product
  2. Hello shagshag, I've been trying to contact you by mails and support, I have simple issue with your module for datepicker for customer for prestashop. It works well when used in front end while checking out but when we use in backend via custom hooking it does show you the date picker and even i managed to make it selectable by date but when we order it does not send data to database. Can you please help us in this , i have a project where it is needed urgently. I m using the backend office in Add New Order (Manual) ->after selecting customer name->Adding item to cart->in shipping i use your module. Pls Help
  3. no error reported but i can't select the date in backend whereas i can select the date and timeframe from front end while checking out I will PM u the code
  4. Ok Luckily i managed to get hook into form.tpl, but date selection is not active...is it jquery issue?? see the attachment
  5. Hi Fabien Serny Recently I bought a module to show delivery dates and time-frame slots for customers it works well in front (website) but when I made a custom hook and and tried to call the hook into back-end admin , manual new order it does not shows up. The hook installed in database ps_hooks perfectly here is the code i used to install ---------------------------------------------------------- public function install() { if (version_compare(_PS_VERSION_, '', '<')) { $before_carrier = method_exists('Hook', 'get') && Hook::get('beforeCarrier'); } else { $before_carrier = true; } if (!$this->samdha_tools->executeSQLFile(self::INSTALL_SQL_FILE) || !parent::install() || !($before_carrier?$this->registerHook('beforeCarrier'):true) || !$this->registerHook('footer') || !$this->registerHook('header') || !$this->registerHook('adminOrder') || !$this->registerHook('GoDate') || (version_compare(_PS_VERSION_, '', '>=')?!$this->registerHook('displayPDFInvoice'):false) || (version_compare(_PS_VERSION_, '', '>=')?!$this->registerHook('displayPDFDeliverySlip'):false) || !$this->registerHook('newOrder')) { return false; } return true; } public function hookGoDate($params) { return $this->display(__FILE__, 'deliverydays.tpl'); }
  6. Hi Vekia, I need to put carrier selection while generating all the pdf file invoices from/to date in back office so that we can only print the particular invoices as per carrier selection..any advice on that...
  7. Yup, sure it is what i want...for front end i have bought the module but for backend admin order i need this to be incorporated.
  8. Seems we are on the same issue mayank, even I am looking for adding a date in shipping in back office admin manual order and bought a module from smadha but for some reason many vendors are unable to give a proper solution to add a date of delivery in shipping section in back office /Manual Order by admin. Vekia , Any guidance shall be appreciated...
  9. Does any one have an idea on what is the hook name for manual admin add order in backoffice so that i can transplant a date and time delivery module, if it is possible many people will be benefitted.
  10. As this given by p00pstar , this code is working in, i have tested and had to refresh the page 4 to 5 times, and it works perfectly Here' is the fixed one with mobile phone too: $sql = 'SELECT c.* FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'customer c, '._DB_PREFIX_.'address a WHERE c.id_customer = a.id_customer AND ( a.phone LIKE \'%'.pSQL($query).'%\' OR a.phone_mobile LIKE \'%'.pSQL($query).'%\' OR c.email LIKE \'%'.pSQL($query).'%\' OR c.id_customer LIKE \'%'.pSQL($query).'%\' OR c.lastname LIKE \'%'.pSQL($query).'%\' OR c.firstname LIKE \'%'.pSQL($query).'%\' )'.Shop::addSqlRestriction(Shop::SHARE_CUSTOMER);
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