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  1. Hi Does anyone has experience on bulk product import through File2Cart or store manager? What is their advantage and disadvantages? I have around 500~1000 products to import. I want every field of products showed in PrestaShop's back office can be handled by module, especially SEO (metal title, description, etc). File2Cart: http://www.file2cart.com Store Manager: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/administration-tools-prestashop-modules/2937-store-manager-for-prestashop.html
  2. Hi Thanks, Kahndry1. After I did everything, problem still exists for me and couldn't find a solution in forum or Google. Now, I give up "PayPal Europe". If I never touch this module, then everything goes fine for my site. Maybe it is the module problem. To enable PayPal gateway in my site, I find a useful module "Agile PayPal" in paid module in this forum. My problem should be solved soon.
  3. Hi Thomas Thanks. But Atos only supports 60 countries, which is too few. We are looking for a payment gateway which can support as many as 190 countries.
  4. Bonjour Xavier Sorry. I was struggling a lot about the payment gateway last week and couldn't get a solution in other forum for long. So, I use translator and put the "SOS" here. Seems that the French contents from translator are incorrect and give a headache. If possible, please remove this topic. P.S. my payment issue should be solved soon.
  5. Thank you, Tuk66. I did give a second thoughts. Now, I switch from Skrill to PayPal. They are two payment gateway I find in Prestashop to accept international payment (over 190 countries). More important, they can be registered in Asia.
  6. Hi 2) It is PrestaShop Standard shipping. May I have the screenshot of how customers could see the shipping options on cart summary and checkout page? 3) a. in this case, for time being I will not consider PayPal parallel module. Thanks for offer. b. http://ecochoiceshop.com/ This is the demo I use. When re-direct to PayPal, it open a new blank page with message " please wait, redirecting to Paypal...". But your own website show the message in middle of website. Please have attached two screeshots and you will get what I mean. Thanks.
  7. Hello I tried to solve my payment issue for two weeks, but no good luck. It is fantastic to find a solution here. Before I purchase the Paypal module, I have several questions: 1) Can I update the module free of charge in any future version? 2) Since I customerize shipping by myself ( different nation belongs to different zoe and each zone has a shipping cost), will it display correctly on check out? 3) I love the shopping cart/payout in your own site: http://addons-modules.com/ . Can I do the same in my store? a. It displays payment with paypal account on left, the credit card on right side for choice. b. When re-direct to Paypal, the message " we are re-direct you to Paypal and please wait" are showing middle of store, instead of opening a blank page as the demo does.
  8. Bonjour Je suis originaire de Hong Kong, mais les marchandises se vendent aux marchés à travers le monde. Toute passerelle de paiement pour moi d'appliquer et il va accepter le paiement de presque toutes les nations? Appréciez aucune réponse.
  9. Hi I have installed PrestaShop and I want to integrate Skrill (Moneybookers) as payment gateway Can anyboday advise where to find the module?
  10. Hello Anyone there? Could you introduce a payment gateway to accept international payment?
  11. Hi I am from Hong Kong, but goods are selling to worldwide markets. Any payment gateway for me to apply and it will accept payment from nearly every nation? Appreciate any reply.
  12. Hi Just wonder if you also installed a free URL rewriting module "cleanurls_v0.4.2.zip" through forum: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/204935-override-friendly-urls-without-id-number-for-v15/ It is the only module I have set up before I configure PayPal, except default theme built-in moduls To test if it is the problem, I remove the module and delete all files it has generated. The error is still there. I think this might be the cause. See attachment. PayPal cannot set up its folder "PayPal" under /module. One folder with a long numeric name (like "71934cf140c9781f704ea030c597bc3c") will take place. PayPal is installed under this folder. All other payment gateway can NOT be installed either. Really a big headache! Thank you CIndy
  13. Hi My host informed that the mode-rewrite is correct in my server. I have no choice but choose a 100% new installing manually. Good news is that my problem was solved. Thanks CIndy
  14. Hi I newly installed Prestashop, which has built-in PayPal Europe. But when I click "install", it get below fatal error. Anything wrong? [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module paypal: syntax error, unexpected T_SL The following module(s) could not be loaded:: [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name [paypal] An error was found in config file: StartTag: invalid element name Then I use FTP to delete all files under module/PayPal. I download V3.5.9 PayPal from Prestashop Add-on page and want to upload to newly install it. But couldn't upload. Above error shows up again. Please find below screen shot. Under Paypal in Module, there is no icon like "configuration", "delete", "enable" etc. Thanks CIndy
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