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  1. The link points to a fix were you should remove some lines in controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php However I do not find these lines in the file I have here. This must be from another version. When I search this file I only find one line containing 777 and that is: if (isset($path_parts['filename']) && @filemtime(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.$path_parts['filename'])) Tools::chmodr(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.$path_parts['filename'], 0777); Should I delete this "if" statement ?
  2. Hi I don't understand, Should I just leave the files and folders on a module as 777 ? It was 755 for folders and 644 for files before I upgraded the module, but now both files and folders are 777. Is that okay ?
  3. Hello It seems that everytime I upgrade a module in Prestashop the permissions are changed from 644 and 755 to 755 for both files and folders. I need to manually change the permissions back again after an update. Why is it like that ?? Petter
  4. Hello I discovered that some of the modules I have updated has changed the file and folder permissions. Is it okay to have ALL folders in my installation with permission 755 and ALL files with the permission 644 ? Thanks Petter
  5. I don't think I am able to test that cause I only have this installation and SQL. If the theme is the problem then I wonder why it swaps into the standard (default) theme after I did the upgrade ? An upgrade should maintain the theme you are using and rather giving me a theme that is not working correctly (as it was with mine, the home page did not show any items and some other problems) than swapping into the default theme ?? Should I do an export of my custom theme before I do an upgrade and then install the theme again from the exported files ?
  6. I did a rollback now and at least that worked as it should. My shop is back to what it was before the upgrade. It was really fucked up after the last upgrade. Did not show any products on the Home screen and did not show my CMS and lots of other problems. Am I doing something wrong here ??? I'm not sure I want to try any more upgrade sine it caused so much trouble...
  7. I am using a theme I created myself using Prestashop Theme Maker http://presta-theme-maker.com/ It is located in a separate folder named with the name I gave the theme.
  8. Just realized that my whole theme template was replaced by a default template. So now I need to enable the old template again and do some changes to get back to were I was. This is not the first time this happens when I upgrade. Why is it like this ?
  9. Hello I just upgraded my shop to version The background I had on my shop disappeared so the background is now white. Well that is not so important but what I see is that he shopping cart has moved and is now below the menu bar. Before upgrade it was above the menu bar and on the top right side of the menu. My shop is www.drillteam.no How can I move the shopping cart above the menu again ? Petter
  10. Hello Not sure if this is the right place to post my problem but I'll try. I am using the shipping module "Bring Fraktguiden" which is a norwegian shipping module. It worked just 2-3 days ago but today its not working anymore. The shipping alternative does not show up at all anymore. I have not done any changes. I wonder if the module is contacting a remote host to calculate the shipping cost and maybe the host is not replying which again cause the shipping alternative to show up ? Any comment on this ? Thanks Petter
  11. Just a comment here as I had excactly the same problem with paypal module after upgrading. My paypal folder and files were all set to permission 777 by the upgrade. I saw the same thing on other modules I upgraded. I changed both the paypal folder and the files in it to permission 755 and that was all I needed to do. Viola....it works again.
  12. Thanks I just changed from 25% to 75% to make it work but seriously people who use the feature can really loose some money if they are not aware :-) I had one order placed before I discovered it so not too bad for me.
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