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  1. Thanks you all for your nice messages. We have chosen the developer for now, we will return if more help is needed.
  2. Hi Our webshop - www.space-shop.dk - needs a speed optimization like this great shop - http://www.cilory.com/ We also need some refreshening of the design. Please PM with references of your work and costs. Thanks.
  3. I Will try. Should this take Care of emails getting In spam filters?
  4. Hi, I cant get it to work. It works when order is made and account is made. But no mails are sent when changing status on a n order Using 1.5.5 All help appreciated - thanks
  5. Well - something now happened. Very positive - IT WORKS. I turned on the Use Friendly URLs and canoniquie. But presta tells me rewrite_mod isnt installed (I dont know how to install it, im no coder). But I deleted what was in the SSL Domain name - and then it suddenly worked!
  6. Thank you for your efforts. The developer of Sellya have done some tests and found out that the code initializes a blank page and I should test url rewriting mod. More later.
  7. The message I get is only this; RROR OCCURRED: Please try to contact the merchant: Your cart is empty.
  8. Hi Thanks for your answers. I am using Danish Krone and it did work when I just installed everything - some weeks ago. But it suddenly stopped working this friday. No matter what theme I use - it always ends with an empty cart when I proceed to checkout with PayPal.
  9. Hi, When I click the PayPal option to buy I get an error saying the shopping cart is empty, no matter if i have 1 or 20 items in my basket. I cant fix this error and my shop is closed for buying due to this Using Prestashop 1.5.5 and PayPal Europe module 3.6 (also tried 3.5.8). I have tried to uninstall PayPal module, delete it, and what not - no luck. The developer of my theme, Sellya, stated that it is a bug in prestashop 1.5.5 Can anyone help?
  10. Hi No solution to this yet? I cant use my shop due to this error. Cant get tax calculations to work or change the rules - the error comes up all the time. Using latest presta. Please help. Thanks
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