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  1. So this module sends our uploaded image's link to resumush.it for compression, which compresses the image & sends link back to us for download to our server & stores the compressed image on our server only, right? & also does it compress other images than just product images, like slider images, homepage images which usually slows down the loading of index page?
  2. Hi las3r, No one else seems to have faced similar problem. Could you help?
  3. Thanks a lot. I appreciate all the help. What's strange is i didn't find anyone else reporting such a problem.
  4. Hi las3r, Checked the database through phoMyAdmin, under "ps_orders" i see that "total_paid_real" is showing wrong value which is "161.20". Whereas "total_paid_tax_incl" is showing the correct value, i.e. "71.20". Have attached image below for reference. Any suggestions to correct things for future orders? Because even if i correct this one manually this may happen in new orders in future. Thanks EDIT: I also checked Paypal entries in database, those are correct. It seems to be a Prestashop bug.
  5. Hi las3r, Thanks for replying. Actually this order was placed for delivery outside India & the charges for same have been charged to the customer, which are €17.53(actual shipping charges incurred by the customer, as shown in image 2). But prestashop has also added €90.00 in the back end order value. Showing the wrong value in back end. Basically it has added 90.00 INR value of shipping within India as well in this order, converting it in Euro.
  6. No reply? No one has come across anything similar?
  7. I got the first order on my website. I have enabled multiple currency & i offer 2 shipping options. 1st Shipping option is for 'Shipping within India' & 2nd is for "Shipping outside India". For shipping within India we charge ₹90 for order value below ₹200, & subsequently different charges depending upon zone for orders below US $199. Default currency is in "INR - Indian Rupee" & we offer payment in 4 other currencies via PayPal. Now in this order, payment was made through PayPal in Euro including the shipping charges as the order is from outside India. The problem that i faced is that PayPal accepted the correct amount of payment, but prestashop's backend shows €90 extra is received. Also the invoice generated is incorrect, it shows that only €90 was accepted for shipping charges. Below are the images attached. Please suggest as to what can be done to correct this issue?
  8. There is a great paid module for the same. Its by Vekia available at http://mypresta.eu/modules/social-networks/facebook-login-connect.html There is currently no other free module available otherwise compatible with PS v1.6.x other than OneSocial which is 3rd party & every login happens through their website. It isn't really that useful.
  9. Put in the default Shipping Country code in the place marked Red in the attached image. Like 'IN' is for India. Save it again, Export, & fetch again from your merchant account. I think that should solve your problem.
  10. I resolved that issue "in_stock" Had to edit main category & turn on set condition as new & upon saving it changed it to "in stock". Got a feature request. My website is Multi-Currency, So is it possible to submit price data to Google for all the different currencies?
  11. This should help you. https://www.prestashop.com/blog/en/php-ini-file/ This is a common issue. Just increase the execution limit in php.ini or php5.ini(for GoDaddy Hosting) file in the root folder & it should work.
  12. First of All - Great Module. I had been looking for it for a while now. Very Easy to use & Useful. I faced 2 Issues in it. Minor: the link of XML file that the module asks to add in Google Merchant Center is Where as the original file created is The Major issue that i couldn't resolve is that in XML file data in Availability field is put as "in_stock" instead of "in stock" which gives the error on all the products exported. Please suggest how do i resolve this? Regards Jasdeep Singh
  13. Hi Safa, Thanks for replying. I checked the DNS record, they are pointing to the correct address. The Call Support Support for Indian customers says that they don't have the knowledge about VPS, & as my website is hosted on US servers so only they can provide the support. I have also sent an email to them but no reply as of yet. In the meantime, my website is still down. I strongly believe that it is some issue in the migration & not the DNS. Any other suggestions?
  14. Hello, I recently migrated from Godaddy's shared hosting to VPS Managed, & imported my site through their import website tool. Then I changed it's DNS Zone's A record to my Server's Dedicated IP address. After 48 hours, finally it got updated but now it gives me error "Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user". Please guide on how to recover it now. As the website has been down for more than 2 days now. Thanks
  15. Thank you for replying El Patron. I'm running on the latest PS version & i feel this has started to happen ever since i installed the payment gateway module, but what i dont understand is how can that affect the load time of my home page? Could you explain what is config & init under memory peak usage in the screenshot i have attached?