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  1. I want modify some code on footer.php, but I can't find it
  2. at the home page, the first column, home cross bar, it is color is 383838, I want change to another color, where can I do that?
  3. I want give you a picture, I dont know how, can you add my skype: zerryxu
  4. It really become white background, but the words also dispear, because words color is white, how to solve that? thank you
  5. I want background become white, and the word on it become black, how can I change?
  6. CCC option ON (for css files) under adv. parameters > performance tab. turn on force compilation and turn off cache I don't understant the above words
  7. I change 333 to fffffff, because I want white background, but at the same time I hope the words become black
  8. the footer background I want change to white, but I don't know how to set that, it doesn't work
  9. the default theme is black color, I want get rid of the black background on the footer, how to do that? at the header, category, etc, I like the pink color, how to do that? waiting for answer, thank you!
  10. at the back office, order-delivery slip and credit slip, who can tell me, what is that for?
  11. preference-seo&urls-shop domain is www.***.com, my SSL domain is localhost, then I change the SSL domain to www.***.com, it still doesn't work Now my question is when somebody buy something from my store check out, paypal can't link to server
  12. the paypal now links to local host, how to link it to my server? http://localhost/modules/paypal/about.php how to make above link to my server? anybody know? thank you
  13. my website use paypal payment, but there is some problem when I check out. My friend help me to make a local host, after I set everything then I upload my website to my bluehost server, today I try to check out by paypal after place the order, I can't open the page, it shows it can't connect with the local host, links as below: http://localhost/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php Anybody help me solve this problem? Please give me detailed answer, waiting online, thank you!
  14. When I upload a new product, there is a new mark on the products picture, how to get rid of it? Anybody knows?
  15. I want set home page meta title, keywords, description, but I can't find where I can do that in back office, who can tell me?
  16. I use HK post air mail, you know its maximum weight is 2 kg for package, if customers choose many products on my website, for example the products total weight is 5kg, I hope the hk post air mail not show on front page, I hope customers choose other shipping, such as DHL, but it doesn't work on shipping--carrier--hk post air mail--Maximium package weight I write 2 in that blank (I set kg in locolization options) Anybody can tell me reason? Thank you very much!
  17. Here I use Hongkong post air mail, but I don't know how to make freight set, my version is I need weight to caculate freight charge, but I think there is problem about the software. I need urgent reply as soon as possible, thank you
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