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  1. # ~~end~~ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^lovejewelrystore\.com [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*) http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/$1 [L,R=301]Do not remove this comment, Prestashop will keep automatically the code outside this comment when .htaccess will be generated again it is just like above, then the front office is 500
  2. can I write the above code at the end of htaccess file? will www.lovejewelrystore.com and lovejewelrystore.com both direct to http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/
  3. preferences > seo & urls tab it is www.lovejewelrystore.com but I want it 301 direct to http://www.lovejewelrystore.com
  4. This is my domain: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ I hope if I type: www.lovejewelrystore.com/ or lovejewelrystore.com/ they will automatically direct to http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ 301 permanently direct to http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ how to achieve it? thank you
  5. thank sir, it is good if everything fine, but now I need to put my sitemap to my Google Webmaster account, i don't know which one I need to put: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/1_index_sitemap.xml or http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/1_en_0_sitemap.xml
  6. Please set up the following Sitemap URL in your Google Webmaster account: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/1_index_sitemap.xml This URL is the master Sitemap and refers to: 1_en_0_sitemap.xml by the way, I don't under what the above meaning <sitemap> <loc>http://www.lovejewel...n_0_sitemap.xml</loc> <lastmod>2013-09-24T02:49:19-04:00</lastmod> </sitemap> where you get the above information?
  7. it is sir, could you tell me where is this information from? : <sitemap> <loc>http://www.lovejewel...n_0_sitemap.xml</loc> <lastmod>2013-09-24T02:49:19-04:00</lastmod> </sitemap>
  8. I use the version 1.5.5 in my backoffice, modules---SEO---google sitemap after I configure it, the sitemap as below: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/1_index_sitemap.xml too few information on it. I have turn on errors by your signature, it still doesn't work
  9. I turn on, generate the sitemap again, it still doesn't work
  10. sir, I want screen my ftp for the sitemap for you , but I don't know how to send the screen here
  11. what I mean is rss feed block, there is somewhere fill rss url
  12. it is too slow, I will screen you later, can you answer me how to fill rss? in the rss feed, my web site is about jewelry, I don't know what rss feed I use, thank you
  13. rss feed module, add a feed url, I don't know what to fill, my website is about jewelry, thank you
  14. public_html--config--xml I can't find defines.inc.php
  15. I have opend my ftp now, could you please tell me carefully?
  16. is that in my back office? where is prestashop folder?
  17. config/defines.inc.php I can't open it, where to open it? sorry, I am not clever, sorry
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