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  1. I go to the dashboard, but it still doesn't work, do I need Embed the New Chat Widget? can I use it all the time? why it said 14 days remaining? thank you
  2. I see some threads about live chat, someone introduce zopimfree,zip, after I download it and upload it in my back office, nothing happened, I can't see any chat window at my front office, can you tell me where is wrong? thank you
  3. All what I want to say is thank you! I use the prestashop for some time, I meet many questions I ask many people, very few can help me, after I got this forum, you can solve all my questions very clear, I am very appreciated here! I don't know how to express my thanks here, I want all the people work in this forum good luck and have good life, I will also introduce more people to use this program, because you really have good team. I never see any forum in our country have so fantastic forum. you are the best!
  4. thank you, thank you very much, very appreciated, I thought it too difficult, I think it will change the code, any way, love you,thank you!
  5. it really works thank you, but I want put new products module after featured products, how to do that?
  6. hello sir I add "new products on the homepage" module but my featured products in disorder now, I see your reply before: (just remove .css file located in this module directory) but I don't know how to remove the css file, and where can I finish that? by the way, I hope the "new products on the homepage" follow the featured module, because I hope the words(store introduction) be placed at the end, how to solve this? I upload 2 pictures
  7. I want add CNZZ to caculate my website, now it shows I have to paste some code before every page of </body>, but I can't find it, can you tell me where is </body>?
  8. I create CMS category, But I can't find it on the website, what is the reason?
  9. I would love to add content on my site, so I like to know if there is blog block, in which I can write blogs to update my website? And where to add this block? thank you!
  10. After I add "new products" module on home page, the featured products in disorder, Please check my website: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ thank you
  11. After I add the new products module, my featured products in disorder, how to solve that?
  12. There is a block "featured products" on the home page, I want add another 2 blocks on the home page, such as "new arrival products" "hot sale products" . Is it possible, and how? If it works, how can I add related products to the blocks, for example, I want add a product to "new arrival products" , what should I pay attention when I do that? Thank you very much!
  13. I mean I use prestashop to build a website, now I need an email, can I have that kind of email?
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