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  1. thank you sir, but new problem come then, after I add on the center, then all the information of the site in the center then, I want only "30$ free shipping" in the center of the home page top, but all other information at left as before, how to finish that? thank you!
  2. yes it is, how to use free html block? can you tell me detail? thank you
  3. I want add some words, such as 100$ free shipping, to tell customers
  4. what you mean? I can't find hookTop at modules-positions
  5. can I fill the 2 choice? according to total price, according to total weight
  6. I want add some at the blank place, can you tell me how? thank you
  7. I use weight here, because if not up to 30 $, different weight has different cost
  8. There are 3 delivery method in my store: China post air mail, DHL, EMS, we make free shipping over 30$ by China post air mail, how can I finish that? when I make 30$ free shipping, then all the 3 method are free shipping, how can make only China post air mail free shipping? thank you!
  9. it is not appear in shopping cart, thank you, if it not affect freight charge it is ok where it appears, thank you
  10. when I check out, it comes to pay pal page could you please check my site sir? http://www.lovejewelrystore.com
  11. at the product page, there is a paypal checkout button, when customers want this product, they can check out directly by click the paypal button, but now they have not choose the delivery method now, sure in this way, freight charge is not included, how to solve this problem? thank you
  12. what I mean is what I write at back office has to match the front office? some countries I don't know its zipcode, I didn't write it at back office, then people place order at front office write his country's zip code, is it ok? is it has to match the zipcode what I write at back office?
  13. when customers place an order, they select country, state, zip code, I want to know if the zip code is important here? because there is a standard at the back office, some of the countries we don't know its standards, such as NNNN, we write four NNNN, but maybe the country zip code is 5 NNNNN, is it effct? people has to write the zip code as my settings at back office?
  14. can you tell me how to use it? I want use it at my front office
  15. but why I can't get the message at front office, only backoffice I can get message from friends
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