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  1. I want add top seller block on my site, I hope it shows at the left side of my site, here the blank part: I have already install the top seller block, and also choose even no top sell product, this block also show, but I can't see the block now, maybe I delete it before in modules--position, but now I want add it. my site: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ thank you!
  2. what my question is it covered the whole background, it is not like the picture effect you give to me(which only on the boder).
  3. I think the above code is not exactly right, by the way can I add some picture which I download on my desktop? because the above picture has some words on it, I don't want. thank you!
  4. all the background become pink, I only want border, it is like the effect you send to me, I like that effct.
  5. I add the following to global.css body { font: normal 11px/14px Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; color: #222; background: #fff url('http://pic16.nipic.com/20110921/2457331_142506168000_2.jpg'); font-size: 16px!important; } doesn't work at all
  6. I hear from my friend, if I want change the width, there are many places has to be change, such as other modules, is it?
  7. it is normal again, I don't know what happened just now. ok I still not understand how to change the width of the border, I don't know what grid value to change in the grid_prestashop.css can you tell me detail? sorry I not know code. and how to add the shadow I like? I search on google for some good pictures to use on my shadow, how to use?
  8. sir, please check my website, I don't know what happened, I just change grid_prestashop.css: .container_9 { margin:0 auto; width: 980px; I just change the width, but now I change it back, what happen to my site?
  9. sir, I don't want use his background, I want use another one, how to accomplish?
  10. I want add pictures but it doesn't work, I want the shadow like pink color with light or flower on it, something like that, how do I write the code: #page { box-shadow: 0px 0px 20px #888; padding: 10px; background: #FFF; } how can I find the picture code, which I want add it to my shadow, I am not familiar with code. I hope I can add any picture I want, just tell me how to check the picture code, thank you by the way I add font size in global.css, I didn't see any change
  11. I check a site very good, much better than my site, it is also prestashop: http://www.chinaobdii.com/en/ my website: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ by compare my site is too poor I want change something 1. font size the words in my website is very small, I want it to be a little bigger, just like my friend site, how to finish that? 2 I also want the center part to be wider, such as like this: 3 I want the size fill with some pictures, such like this: how to solve the above 3 questions? thank you very much sirs!
  12. htmlbox is the last module on module-position I also add myspan in global.css but it doesn't work
  13. If I choose top but not header, the message will between navigation and category place, I want it at top of home page. and what you mean by last module on list? by the way, I will add the code at global.css, just check it another time thank you
  14. because it doesn't work, then I delete it myspan at global.css it is in the right position, you can check my website, there is 30$ free shipping at left top of home page. do you have skype let us talk, my skype: zerryxu because it is too slow from forum, thank you
  15. .ie7 #featured-products_block_center .product_image span.new {top:110px;right:0;width:94%} .ie8 #featured-products_block_center .product_image span.new{top:110px;right:0;width:94%} .lt-ie6 #featured-products_block_center .product_image span.new {top:110px;right:0;width:94%} #mySpan { position:absolute; left:400px; top:10px; font-size:18px; background:#ffa07a; padding:5px; color:#FFF; } the above is the bottom of global.css is it right? but no any reaction, nothing changed
  16. because I delete, you can't see it, now I add <span id="mySpan">30$ free shipping</span> at html box header, but I not edit global.css please check my site another time, and tell me what to do then, thank you by the way the 2 box are unchecked
  17. please just tell me what to do, because I am not familiar with code, thank you very much
  18. I don't understand what you mean sir, my url: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com
  19. in the html box I add: <span id="mySpan">30$ free shipping</span> in the public_html themes default css global.css (at the bottom of global.css)I add the following: #mySpan { font-size:20px; color:red; position:absolute; left:200px; top:30px; } but it doesn't work, the information still on the left side of top home page, not change after write something on global.css I want "30$ free shipping" at top of home page, red color please tell me detail information how to write the code and where to write it very carefully, thank you
  20. I try to add at the bottom, but it doesn't work, and I can't see this: /* this is vekia code to add free shopping */
  21. public html---themes---css---global.css is that right? in what position of global.css add that information sorry, I am not familiar with code
  22. sir, I don't know how to write code, can you tell me how to write it exactly? thank you
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