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  1. thank you, I have one customers registered, but I can't find his tel no. which I already set Tel no. must fill in. can you tell me where to find customers Tel no.?
  2. when customers register in my site, I need customers must provide their name, address detail, post code and Tel No. where to settle this? Thanks
  3. when customers register in my site, I need customers must provide their name, address detail, post code and Tel No. where to settle this? Thanks
  4. I have friendlink: http://www.stainlesssteeljeweler.com my site: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/ after I add friend link the front office show the link like this: http://www.lovejewelrystore.com/www.stainlesssteeljeweler.com how to make the link correct? make it show correct way: www.xxxx.com Thank you at the back office I write the link like this:
  5. I can't find this place, I only find sf-menu a { display: block; position: relative; color:#fff; text-shadow:0 1px 0 #333; I change the color to #000000, but it doesn't work
  6. then where to change the word color, which is more I want to know, thanks!
  7. by the way I don't understand this: rgba(113, 113, 113, 0.9); how to change then?
  8. I add a photo here: I want change the word to black like other words, how to finish that? thankyou!
  9. I add a picture here: I hope to change the color of background, and words color, thank you!
  10. thank you, and how to change the home bar words color and the bottom other words color? thank you
  11. i have many posts on this forum, why I can't find them now, please tell me how to find them, thank you! because there is some similar question I want to consult, thank you!
  12. I want to change the color in the site navigation? The words are white color now, I want change them to black color, and by the way I want change the words background also to white color, because I want the site looks simple and neat, thank you! And about the fifth one, after its color changed to white, I hope there is a line on top to separate from the above information, like this: I hope you can understand what I mean, please tell me how to add this line, thank you! thank you very much! regards, zerry
  13. I don't have order now, but I choose even no order it also displayed. by the way, how to clear shop cache, thank you
  14. I dont know what link I should add, can I see your links?
  15. yes, it is, but I think it is useless, I don't know its function
  16. at the back office, modules--top horizontal menu what this for? you see I try to add something, but I can't see any change at front office. thank you!
  17. I search other site, they have this at the bottom of their site: I want it too Please tell me how to add it? I hear from the footer. if so can you tell me what route ? because I can't find which footer, and at what place of footer to add thank you
  18. which place of FTP i have to add the picture? after I add the code to global.css, it cover the whole background, not only the side board
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