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  1. --- Exactly.. after it was reinstalled cart. there is some problem in the store, the amount of selected products in the home stopped working again. I think I screwed something. :/
  2. --- knows how to hit the mouse hover the cart? in others page work ok, only in home not work. sorry for the disturbance. I think I found the problem but do not know how to solve, the problem occurs after you reinstalled the block cart ..
  3. --- Ok ok, you won, I will put developed by vekia in my store Solved again!
  4. Good night to all! Caused some problems in my store trying customizes it and wanted to know if anyone can help me. The effects of ajax product image flying to the cart stopped working in my shop, only works on the product page. Would you like to go back to work, and when I move the mouse over the cart, it does not expand with the product information, and complete. Can you help me? prestashop url: http://www.shopsensual.net
  5. --- lol .. is it. prestashop platform is very intuitive, has a wide range of modules and features. wish I had known before. and still rely on the help of people like you. I'm learning a lot and plan to learn more. I want to change many things even as a message "added" at home and in product-list, but I gradually trying and asking for help
  6. --- lol sorry.. .com.br is the old site. this is correct www.shopsensual.net
  7. --- Tks Vekia, sent tpl and js files back to the server after clearing the cache and returned to work thanks .. As the animation ajax, she not returned work, I see a tutorial here to try to let my equal http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/174883-override-ajax-blockcart-product-added-notification-animation/
  8. Good night for all! I am setting up my store in prestashop I recently setup a quantity box in product home. By placing a quantity and click add, regardless of amount, will only one item to the cart. Anteriorly worked, stopped working today. Can anyone help me? url: http://www.shopsensual.com.br I checked the ajax-cart.js ajaxCart.add (idProduct, null, false, this, $ ('# quantity_to_cart_' + idProduct +''). val ()); and homefeatured.tpl {if ($ product.id_product_attribute == 0 OR (isset ($ add_prod_display) AND ($ add_prod_display == 1))) AND $ product.available_for_order AND! isset ($ restricted_country_mode) AND $ product.minimal_quantity == 1 AND $ product . customizable! = 2 AND! $ PS_CATALOG_MODE} {if ($ product.quantity> 0 OR $ product.allow_oosp)} <div style="margin: clear:both; margin-top:10px; position:relative; padding:5px; background:#transparent; overflow:hidden;"> <input style = "position: absolute, top: 7px; left: 7px; padding: 0 3px; text-align: center; height: 20px; border: 1px solid # ccc; display: inline-block; float: left; width : 22px; "type =" text "name =" $ {quantity_to_cart_ product.id_product | intval} "id =" $ {quantity_to_cart_ product.id_product | intval} "value =" 1 "/> <a style = "width: 60px; display: inline-block; float: right" class = "exclusive ajax_add_to_cart_button" rel = "{$ ajax_id_product_ product.id_product}" title = "{ls = 'Add to cart' mod = 'homefeatured'}"> {ls = 'Add to cart' mod = 'homefeatured'} </ a> <br> </ div> {else} <span class="exclusive"> {ls = 'Add to cart' mod = 'homefeatured'} </ span> {/ if} {else} <div style="height:23px;"> </ div> {/ if}
  9. --- Ok Solved.. Muitas paginas pelo mundo tem sua grande participação assim como na minha. Thank you very much AGAIN!!
  10. --- Sometimes the solution is simple and is in our face, but we try to complicate thinking have to change the code: P thank you again! Solved.
  11. --- I do not quite understand how it works, but basically that was it. I think the solution to my case was the code "$products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10), 'date_add', 'DESC', false, true, true, $nb);" It worked well.
  12. --- Solved changing /modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.php type hookDisplayHome function: public function hookDisplayHome($params) { global $smarty; $category = new Category(Context::getContext()->shop->getCategory(), (int)Context::getContext()->language->id); $nb = (int)(Configuration::get('HOME_FEATURED_NBR')); /*$products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10));*/ $products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10), 'date_add', 'DESC', false, true, true, $nb); shuffle($products); $this->smarty->assign(array( 'products' => $products, 'add_prod_display' => Configuration::get('PS_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY_DISPLAY'), 'homeSize' => Image::getSize('home_default'), )); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'homefeatured.tpl'); }
  13. ---Boa noite Fran, conseguiu corrigir este problema? estou com a mesma situação aqui e não consigo a solução.. Obrigado!
  14. I'm setting up my store and came across a problem. In some pages, the columns are aligned okay, but other when there is no left column for example, becomes offset from the right to the top. I tried some changes in css files as global authentication and my-account but have not found the solution, to be honest, I could only get worse - ' Can you help me? prestashop
  15. tks vekia, but the link is giving error :/ I searched google but all the links point to the same place ..
  16. Good night!! I'd like to put the addresses listing on the first screen where the user makes the registry. On the first screen just asks for name, email and password to be registered, and does not ask the address, is to add the address to be registered? Like img file in attach. I tried to edit the form by adding fields but after que page will not load maism then undid the changes. can help me? prestashop Thanks!
  17. good night in my homefeatured, I put to appear randomly, but they do not change, just change positions, can anyone help me? prestashop Thanks!
  18. --- hi, if i use 5 pages checkout? would ordercontroller.php around line 55? change the same code? Thank you for providing the code..
  19. Good night for all! I'm using prestashop and i like to show in produtct list, her respective attributes and quantity to add to cart. I found some topics with instructions to add the quantity box, but not worked, i believe to be due to differences in the versions, because these instructions were 2009. Can help me, pls? url.: www.shopsensual.net Thank u!
  20. Bom dia, atualmente estou recebendo emails do prestashop em uma conta de email, por exemplo, emails de nova venda, de produto sem estoque etc, porém gostaria de alterar o envio desses emails de notificação para outra conta. Estou utilizando prestashop Podem me ajudar? Obrigado!
  21. --- thanks for the tip, but from what I saw, its price is based on the cost of shipping. Ex: If the shipping fees 101.00 he is free, is not it? In my case, it will be free based on the purchase price and not the shipping.
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