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  1. good morning for all! I added in header some pictures with hyperlinks to face, twitter and contact, but the links not work in chrome, appear only images..work only on ie. can help me? prestashop: url: www.shopsensual.net this is the excerpt added in header.tpl <div class="links"><a title="ShopSensual no FaceBook" href="https://www.facebook.com/shopensual" target="_blank"><img width="70" height="70" id="face" src="../../img/cms/face.png" /></a><a title="ShopSensual no Twitter" href="https://twitter.com/ShopSensual1" target="_blank"><img width="70" height="70" id="twitter" src="../../img/cms/twitter.png" /></a><a href="http://www.shopsensual.com.br/contact-us"><img width="70" height="70" id="contato" src="../../img/cms/contato2.png" /></a></div>
  2. --- Hello vekia, I would like to change the image that is in the cart in header, background. wanted to change the icon and login position but can not find where to make this change. Cart wanted to change the background and icon. I entered the blockcart.css but not found. At login, wanted to change the icon and position, placing the icon next to the contact. I put in the first post that I would change. thanks again! --- Solved editing(css and tpl) modules blockuserinfo and blockcart.
  3. --- Hello bellini13, thanks for the reply. I'm trying this way, need to change the 847px center_column, but I can not find where to make the change in the code to resize the center_column. Generally, I change the css files and prestashop modules. entire store is already correct, only these two modules that do not have css file with the size specifications that can not hit. Guess I'll have to modify the code including a few lines but do not have much knowledge in this area.
  4. Good night!! I'm having trouble with 2 modules payments with respect to the positioning of right_column or size center_column. Is misaligned and can not find where to hit. The modules do not have css files, only tpl and php. Someone could give me a hand? url's: http://www.shopsensual.net/index.php?fc=module&module=pagseguro&controller=payment and http://www.shopsensual.net/module/bcash/payment Thanks!!
  5. Good night for all!!! I wonder if anyone has had this problem or can help me. My cart is in the header that does not expand when you put the mouse cursor over it. Replaces the file ajax-and cart.js blockcart.tpl the original but still with the problem. Is there any other place where I can check? Thank you! prestashop url: www.shopsensual.net
  6. --- I cheated with the structure quite similar, sorry!!
  7. --- Solved.. delete /cache/smarty/cache and compile seems already solved some time ago, lacked delete these files. I was only making cleaning cache by BO thanks!!
  8. --- really? make the test. at home, in the first column of products, add the third and stare at the image of the first. the animation will go out there and with all the images overlap. I'm going crazy, I've done it all, replaces many files and entire modules and not solve the problem :/
  9. --- Ok vekia.. could see what was done on this page? www.extasetotal.com.br he created a direct link to the registration page. http://extasetotal.com.br/index.php?route=account/register thanks again!
  10. --- I currently offer a discount coupon for those who "like" the page (it's the same coupon for all people, but it is hidden Disclosure only to those who "like"). Today I own via facebook, the person likes the page, so I see notficação sending a thank you message and the name of the coupon for the discount. Wanted when the person should make an process "like", modal appear on the screen stating the thanks and the coupon so that the person does not have to wait for my message on facebook. I think it would be better a popup, not something that was slow to load.
  11. Good night for all!! I'm trying for some time to modify the position of the header and the icons but without success, can not find the fields and the correct files to make the changes. Could anyone help me? Would you like to change the icon and the position of the field "login" and the cart icon. Thank very much! prestashop url: www.shopsensual.com.br
  12. good night to all! how to create a direct link in header to the customer registration page, skipping the part where you put the email? is possible? thanks!!
  13. --- Solved editing css float from module blockadvmult to: p.advmulti2 img { display:block; margin:0 auto; width:auto; margin-bottom:10px; float:none; } Ok ok after clearing the cache. thanks vekia for the usual help!
  14. Good night for all!! Is there any way or any module that makes up a modal screen when you click "Like" on fecebook module? Thank you!!
  15. Good night for all!! I have a strange problem happening when I click "add to cart". Instead of climbing the product image that clicked, goes an animation of several overlapping images. If possible, make a test by adding a product to cart and you will notice the image to it. url: www.shopsensual.net prestashp: Thank you!
  16. --- the banner disappeared. see the link www.shopsensual.net I would like him to stay but that was not overlapped by the footer as it is in the attached image of the first post.
  17. --- Hello Vekia That's right! the banner on the right is overlapping the footer when the amount of products on the page is smaller. Would algor between "relative or absolute?"
  18. Good night for all! I have a problem simple layout but I can not get it right. I know it's just a change in css but could not do. See the attachment. prestashop: url: http://www.shopsensual.net/7-algemas Thank you!
  19. --- Vekia I think I found the error, I'm using the computer on a network where there are firewalls, restrictions. I access another computer on another network without restrictions and it worked correctly, no problem with the code. Thank you for your helpfulness as always
  20. --- the error appears only in IE, in other browsers like Chrome, it just gets stuck on the page and does not load. the first 3 attachments are chrome. remember trying to put the product attributes on the pages, but remember undone changes. I do not know if it may have been.
  21. good day to all, My prestashop began to have problems in the registration of products. I can not imagine what may have caused the error. The following error details and print. Prestashop: URL: http://www.shopsensual.net Error: "Details of the errors of the Web page User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0, Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0) Stamp Date / Time: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 12:12:42 UTC Message: 'attr (...)' is null or not an object Line: 592 Character: 5 Code: 0 URI: http://www.shopsensual.net/admin2379/index.php?controller=AdminProducts&id_product=8&updateproduct&token=8a3cf2406086a6d311d7725669d093ec" and the last error "Some guides are not loaded correctly, you want to reload them?"
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