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  1. Bom dia a todos! Alguém ajudar com relação a geração de XML dos produtos para anunciar no Buscapé? Onde ou como posso gerar este arquivo? Obrigado! prestashop
  2. Good night for all!! I'm trying to put a border on each product to separate them but I'm having some difficulties. Would you like to leave as the attached picture called "Image1" but I'm changing the global.css this and getting as attached image called "Image2". Could someone give me a hand? The original image is "Image3". Thank you! prestashop url: www.shopsensual.net
  3. --- Solved removing module "Blockadvertising extended" from displayHeader in modules positions (bo)
  4. Hello!! dot controls that are below the image disappeared, has anyone had this problem and can give me a hand? i've reinstalled this module, reconfigured but the problem still. prestashop utl: www.shopsensual.net
  5. --- Ok vekia, i've moved the codes but still appears in the order "last name - name"..i cleaning smarty cache and browser and loged again.
  6. --- yeah!!! solved man..thank you very MUCH!!! I think it would never come to this solution. at least not now, more forward with more experience I'm getting here maybe never imagined that would be the slider. i need to understand more how to use "inspection element" on chrome. is a great tool. well, thank you again .. solved cart moving block above minic slider in modules positions.
  7. Good night for all!! Someone know how edit a bo notification message? I need to add a space in a message, but not find where to do this.. Thanks!
  8. --- thanks for the help vekia,. i've removed all display:none from the blockcart.css ans blockuserinfo.css but dont work :/ the strange thing is that on other pages in the store works correctly. only in home card dont expand. I believe it is something in homefeatured block ..
  9. Good night for all!! I would like change the display format Name - Last name and not Last name - Name in BO customer exibition. does anyone know if it is possible to make this change? prestashop
  10. --- hi vekia.. where i can change this? did not quite understand how and where .. can give me a hand?
  11. I setup a login block in right column and is working properly but when accessing the page to create a new user it is disconfigured. someone can help me? url: www.shopsensual.net prestashop
  12. --- Solved removing sizes from payment.tpl file of respective methods.
  13. good morning for all!! someone could tell me if there is how to change the encrypted field "to" for real email? emails are falling box "spam" or "junk". I believe it is for this reason. If not, could someone tell me why the emails prestashop fall into junk and spam folders? prestashop thanks!!
  14. --- Solved by removing "margin-top: 108px" in the code below product_list.css: #product_list li h3 { font-size: 13px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); margin-top: 108px; width: 135px; height: 20px; padding: 3px; }
  15. --- Solved by removing "margin-top: 108px" in the code below product_list.css: #product_list li h3 { font-size: 13px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); margin-top: 108px; width: 135px; height: 20px; padding: 3px; }
  16. Good night for all!!! Today I installed the module paypal and after installation it desconfigurou my product list. If you uninstall, back to normal but I wanted to also accept payments via paypal. Can anyone help me fix what was disconfigured? prestashop url: www.shopsensual.net example: http://www.shopsensual.net/prices-drop Thanks!!
  17. Good afternoon for all!! was a problem in my page but do not know what caused this problem. the list of products is unconfigured, the buttons "add to cart" disappeared. Today upgraded and installed the module paypal, would could have caused this problem? Can anyone help me fix? url: www.shopsensual.net prestashop: --- I found the error but do not know where and how to fix. the error is on h3.
  18. --- cleaning but did not work. I cleared the browser and prestashop. I created a User, you could do a test? [email protected] test1
  19. good morning for all!! I edited the images to get the same standard size but images payment method appears in mangled chrome (print1) appear correct however no ie (prit2). Can anyone give me a hand? thanks!! prestashop: url: www.shopsensual.net
  20. --- checked and it worked perfectly. just as soon as the link does not work in chrome.
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