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  1. Boa tarde a todos.. utilizo o modulo dos correios como forma de entrega em minha loja. Eu gostaria de saber se há alguma forma de aumentar o valor somente do Sedex. Por exemplo: Uma postagem deu 13,00 na forma pac e 14 na forma Sedex, gostaria que ficasse 13 na forma pac e 16 na forma sedex, ou seja, sempre aumentando 2 reais sobre o valor total do sedex. Alguém poderia me ajudar? Obrigado! prestashop
  2. Solucionado no topico http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/236277-modulo-bcash-prestashop-15x-download/?view=getnewpost
  3. --- Funcionou perfeitamente aqui.. Obrigado pela ajuda e por compartilhar seu conhecimento! Tenho certeza que essa solução irá ajudar e resolver o problema de muitos usuários.
  4. --- thank you Paul, actually you are right, I will provide these modifications. Thank you very much for the compliment and the tip. I really would like to change my footer, but is one of the places where I can not make many changes. I've tried using the free advanced footer but I could not modify it very well
  5. --- Estou com este problema também há algum tempo. Não consigo suporte com o pessoal do bcash, abri um topico com este problema e nada.. parece que o módulo está largado no prestashop..
  6. --- Estoy teniendo el mismo problema. cuando tengo que vales en el carro y elijo el pago del depósito no está dando el descuento. Lo mismo sucede cuando proporciono el envío libre, cargará los gastos de envío y no del descuento de pago bancario.
  7. --- Someone can help? I found other module, but not work in ps 1.5, it's the discounts correctly but does not generate order numberbankwire_plus.zip
  8. --- Try this.. bankwire_discount_v0.93.zip
  9. Good night for all!! I'm using a bank payment module offers a discount to the customer to choose this form of payment. Is functioning properly, however, when there are other discounts in the cart, it does not calculate discounts and even free shipping. Could someone give me a hand? url: www.shopsensual.com.br prestashop Module attached. Thanks!! bankwire_discount_v0.93.zip
  10. Hello for all.. this is my store http://www.shopsensual.com.br like an opinion from you about what you can improve, add or remove. prestashop default theme.. thank you!!
  11. Hello for all! Anyone can help me with this? I have two carriers (PAC and SEDEX). I would like to increase the value of SEDEX at R$2,00 MORE. EX: The value without the increase is 8 and increase is 10. thanks!!
  12. --- solved, only now noticed the address was pointing the link was incorrect, with. net. changed to. com.br and works.
  13. Good night for all. I've installed a long time the home new products module in my store, always works, but a few days ago began to return 404 when clicking on the link that has the title block, if I access the direct path accesses the url correctly. (http://www.shopsensual.com.br/new-products) When i click on title block return (http://www.shopsensual.com.br/?controller=404) I've reinstalled, excluded and installed again but still not working. i believe it not to be a problem in module, Can anyone help me? thanks.. url: www.shopsensual.com.br prestashop
  14. I used magento before, now moved to prestashop. again created a sitemap and robots, but is reporting some errors in DNS, sSERVER CONNECTIVITY and SEARCH ROBOTS.TXT. DNS - Unable to communicate with the DNS server. SERVER CONNECTIVITY - the request timed out or the site is blocking google. SEARCH ROBOTS.TXT - The googlebot was not able to access your robots.txt file and postponed the tracking site instead of risking the tracking of pages allowed.
  15. Hello for all!! I need help as the webmasters tool google. He is saying that in my store there are 20,092 pages not found (404). How can I solve this? I have a shop in prestashop I also would like to indicate a module to automatically fix the meta tags of the products, categories and pages. thanks!!
  16. --- Purchased and installed ..thank you very much!! Very great module.. congratulations!!!
  17. --- Thank you very much, I will buy it. That's exactly how I needed and expected. But I'll have to wait for the value of the euro lower, is becoming too expensive for real ..
  18. --- Hello vekia, you have developed a module with this function? can show me some? thanks..
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