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  1. As mentioned by @watou, you can try the Sirv CDN addon for PrestaShop. It's been optimised to sync images, JS, CSS and theme files from PrestaShop to Sirv. Sirv resizes the images, optimises and delivers them from its global CDN in next-gen formats, such as WebP. It also applies lazy loading and it minifies your JS & CSS files. Removing all this overhead from PrestaShop, your server can dedicated more resources to running PrestaShop. It can also delete the PrestaShop resized images, which you won't need any more - saving potentially a lot of storage space on your server and lowering your hosting costs. If your goal is to get the best possible performance and PageSpeed score, these are the best-practices which Sirv applies: Serve images in next-gen formats Use lazy-loading Optimize images Serve scaled images Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Leverage browser caching Minify CSS Minify JavaScript Minimize request size Enable compression Reduce DNS lookups Use cookie-free domains
  2. Hi guys! Were you able to fix these JS errors in admin? Would be fine if you can share your solution with us.
  3. Hello user5000! Sorry to hear you're having trouble. We reply to all emails within 4 working hours. Please check your Spam folder, in case the message went there. To fix the issue, please change the 'Main image' option on the Magic Zoom Plus settings page to the size you require. Any problems, please send FTP access details and Admin url, username & password using the 'Contact the developer' link on the addons.prestashop.com store: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/visual-products/1914-magic-zoom-plus.html We look forward to helping you resolve this issue. Thanks! Magic Toolbox
  4. This topic was submitted to Github here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/12763 The outcome was that the issue was resolved in PrestaShop 1.7, so all versions since then do not have this issue. Official PrestaShop support for version 1.6 ended in October 2018, so the issue will remain in those versions but it does not impact live sites, only Images section in admin.
  5. PrestaShop uses this method to insert product images: Link::getImageLink This works throughout PrestaShop - both in the front-end and the backend (admin) of all PrestaShop websites. Addons also use this method for displaying product images. However, the images in the Images section of the product page in admin are hard coded. They do not use the Link::getImageLink method, which is an error. The Sirv image CDN addon overrides the standard method, substituting PrestaShop image URLs with Sirv URLs (for better optimisation and faster loading). But images in the Images section are not loaded, because of the hardcoded images. See screenshot attached. Can the PrestaShop development team please change the code to use the Link::getImageLink method? The hardcoded references are located in this file: themes/default/template/controllers/products/images.tpl Thanks, Jake Sirv p.s. the reason to use the Sirv addon is that it optimises images much smaller, automatically serves the most optimal format e.g. WebP, and serves images faster from a global CDN. However, the addon depends on the correct declaration of product image locations, which is Link::getImageLink.
  6. Merci d'avoir lancé cette discussion, brikobike. Nous aimerions beaucoup entendre parler de Sirv de la communauté PrestaShop. Pour savoir quelles nouvelles fonctionnalités les gens aimeraient. Sirv est utilisé par plus de 15 000 sites Web pour l'optimisation d'image, les CDN et les effets d'image. Cependant, nous n'avons pas encore activement promu l'addon PrestaShop, de sorte que seules quelques centaines de boutiques PrestaShop l'utilisent actuellement. Ces propriétaires de magasin nous disent qu'ils aiment l'addon. Ils ont également suggéré d'excellentes nouvelles fonctionnalités et nous publierons une nouvelle version majeure du module complémentaire Sirv PrestaShop plus tard ce mois-ci ... Jake Brumby Sirv
  7. Hi, We've found one issue with blocktopmenu module. After window resize (which can be done via physically window resize or triggered from js) js from blocktopmenu creates multiple instances of .menu-mobile-grover https://magictoolbox.sirv.com/support/screenshots/2015-10-12-11%3A08%3A57.jpg which breaks expand/collapse functionality. Solution is quite simple. 1. Find following line in the themes/../js/modules/blocktopmenu/js/blocktopmenu.js file: $('.sf-menu > li ul').addClass('menu-mobile clearfix').parent().prepend('<span class="menu-mobile-grover"></span>'); 2. Add following code before this line: $(".sf-menu .menu-mobile-grover").remove(); Hope that will help someone.
  8. Hi KasperR90! Our Technical team can help you. Please send your FTP access details and admin login details to them via our secure contact page: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Explain the issue you are having and they will resolve your issues. Thanks, Paula Magic Toolbox
  9. For a better quality zoom, upload larger images. We recommend at least 1000px images, if possible. For more options to control your zoom, use Magic Zoom Plus from the addon store. You can set it to enlarge on hover, as you described. There is a choice of effects on how it enlarges. You can also adjust the speed and background colou/opacity of thet enlarged image.
  10. Merci à "shopping-et-mode" pour amener ce fil à notre attention. Nous n'étions pas au courant de vos problèmes. S'il vous plaît télécharger la dernière Magic Zoom Plus essai gratuit ici: http://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoomplus/modules/prestashop/ Si votre problème persiste, s'il vous plaît contacter notre équipe technique qui vous aidera à: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Merci! Magic Toolbox
  11. Merci à "shopping-et-mode" pour amener ce fil à notre attention. Nous n'étions pas au courant de vos problèmes. S'il vous plaît télécharger la dernière Magic Zoom Plus essai gratuit ici: http://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoomplus/modules/prestashop/ Si votre problème persiste, s'il vous plaît contacter notre équipe technique qui vous aidera à: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Merci! Magic Toolbox
  12. Great! Thanks for posting the solution. Yes, sometimes you just need to refresh the cache. For other users, attached is a screenshot of the settings page where you can choose which pages to apply Magic Zoom Plus on. You can choose all these places: Product page Category page Featured products (homepage) Viewed products block Manufacturers page New products page New products block Best sellers page Best sellers block Specials page Specials block Search page Manual install elsewhere
  13. With PrestaShop v1.6 now out, our 7 best-selling image viewers have been updated to support it. Please try any of them - we'd love to get your feedback! Magic Zoom Plus for PrestaShop (zoom and enlarge) Magic 360 for Prestashop (360 spin) Magic Zoom for Prestashop (zoom) Magic Slideshow for Prestashop (slideshow) Magic Thumb for Prestashop (enlarge) Magic Touch for Prestashop (deep-zoom) Magic Scroll for Prestashop (carousel) Thanks, Magic Toolbox team
  14. Magic Zoom Plus is responsive and has two ways of zooming - on hover (zoom) and on click (enlarge). Please MODERATED module and let us know what you think. Version 5.0 is being planned at present, so any requests you make will be considered for release in that version.
  15. When you see red text it means you are using the trial version. Please buy a license here and then upload your licensed file. Please contact Magic Toolbox support if you need help: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/
  16. This is probably a conflict with your theme. What theme are you using? Thanks.
  17. What sort of zoom effect do you want? You can try: Magic Zoom Plus - zooms on hover, enlarges on click and then zooms even further (if your images are big enough). Magic Touch - click the image to zoom in multiple levels (like Google Maps). Suitable only for very large images (above 1500px).
  18. Do you have the latest version of the Magic Magnify addon installed? http://www.magictool...les/prestashop/ If you have followed the instructions on that page and still have a problem, please send a support request to the Magic Toolbox team and we will help you fix it: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Jake Magic Toolbox
  19. Nous avons besoin de comprendre pourquoi votre thème n'est pas permettant Magic Zoom Plus de travailler. Nous avons besoin de vous connecter à votre magasin pour voir votre thème, puis nous mettrons à jour le module de Magic Zoom Plus de soutenir votre thème. Ne publiez pas votre connexion FTP ou PrestaShop ici! Vous devez l'envoyer via le formulaire sécurisé ici: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Merci
  20. S'il vous plaît envoyer une URL de votre page et vous connecter à votre boutique Prestashop pour l'équipe de soutien Magic Toolbox et ils vous aidera à configurer Magic Zoom: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Merci
  21. Bonjour, Magic Zoom fonctionnera sur votre site. S'il vous plaît envoyez-nous un login à votre magasin et nous allons enquêter sur la cause du problème: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Il se pourrait que votre modèle n'est pas encore compatible (nous régler ce problème, il sera rapide). Merci, Magic Toolbox
  22. Vous utilisez probablement une ancienne version de l'addon. S'il vous plaît télécharger la dernière version ici: http://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoomplus/modules/prestashop/ Si vous voyez toujours l'erreur, s'il vous plaît envoyez un message sécurisé à notre équipe de support technique ici: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Merci
  23. Aceptar, por un efecto como esta página de Amazon, se puede utilizar: Magic Touch - miniaturas muestran junto a la imagen de pantalla completa. Magic Zoom Plus - haga clic para agrandar la imagen ampliada es ampliable. No se muestran imágenes en miniatura, pero puede hacer clic en la imagen siguiente / anterior con las flechas o el teclado. (Imágenes en miniatura se agregará a finales de este año en el Magic Zoom Plus versión 5.0!). ¿Te gustaría usar uno de esos efectos? Jake Magic Toolbox English: OK, for an effect like this Amazon page, you can use: Magic Touch - thumbnails show next to full screen image. Magic Zoom Plus - click to enlarge, the enlarged image is zoomable. No thumbnails are shown but you can click to next/previous image with arrows or keyboard. (Thumbnails will be added later this year in Magic Zoom Plus version 5.0!). Would you like to use one of those effects? Jake Magic Toolbox
  24. Hi Jayson, The Magic Zoom Plus module must be slightly customized to work on CMS pages. (By default, the required magiczoomplus.js and magiczoomplus.css files are not referenced on CMS pages). Please email us and we'll help you do the customization. It is very easy: http://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Magic Toolbox
  25. Hola Daniel! No entiendo lo que le gustaría hacer. ¿Podría explicar de nuevo por favor, o añadir una captura de pantalla y la dirección URL de su página web? Gracias! English: Hi Daniel! I don't understand what you would like to do. Could you explain again please or add a screenshot and URL of your web page? Thanks! Jake Magic Toolbox
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