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  1. Hi, I need to link some products in my store, and for this I use the "Accessories" form available in the product editing page. I want to be able to link Product A to Product B, and Product B to Product A But it doesn't seem possible.. ? Any idea ? Is there another module for this ? Thanks! Arnaud
  2. Bonjour, J'utilise le cross selling sur ma boutique, via la liste déroulante "Accessoire" dans la fiche produit du backoffice. Partons de 2 produits : Produit A et Produit B Est-il possible par exemple : De définir Produit A en tant qu'accessoire de Produit B, et de définir Produit B en tant qu'accessoire de Produit A ? Si oui, comment, et si non, y-a-t-il des modules prévus à cet effet, et lesquels ? Merci d'avance! Arnaud
  3. Paiement -> Devises -> Editer la devise correspondante ->Activer les décimales.
  4. J'ai également été confronté à ce problème, qui était du au fait que j'avais ajouté manuellement un dans le formulaire de commande. Ce posait problème, j'ai du le retirer du formulaire #buy_block, et tout est rentré dans l'ordre. Voilà, si ça peut aider!
  5. Hi everyone, My shopping cart does'nt display in IE6... I have a local version of my website, no problem for this one, but only for the online version... Any idea of this problem ?? My website : http://www.modeboulevard.com Thanks for your help! Arnaud.
  6. Bonjour à tous, je souhaite désactiver la fonction d'arrondi automatique des prix dans ma boutique. Comment puis-je procéder au plus simple pour que cela soit répercuté dans toutes les parties du site ? (Boutique, Admin, Factures, etc) ? Merci!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to develop a dynamic search engine for my products, using AJAX. I want to display a list of filters, that users can click on it to display products corresponding. I would like to display all the possible combinations in the product list.( my shop displays shoes, of multiple colors/sizes) So when the products are displayed, if a shoe is available in black model, and white model, i need it to be displayed 2 times (1 in black, the other in white). Have someone ever tried it? Would you have a SQL request sample ? Thanks a lot! Arnaud
  8. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work... I'm in product.tpl With this : {$manufacturer|var_dump} , I get NULL Another idea ? Thanks!
  9. Thx, but i know my syntax is wrong. I just need the good smarty tag to display the manufacturer's logo. Can you please give it to me ?
  10. Hi everyone, I would like to add the logo of the manufacturer for each product. I can have the name of the manufacturer, and a links to it's page, but how can i get the logo ? I tried the following, but doesn't work : getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $product->manufacturer_image, 'large')}" /> PS : Here's how i get a link to the manufacturer : getmanufacturerLink($product->id_manufacturer, $manufacturer.link_rewrite)}" title="{l s='List items made by'} {$product->manufacturer_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$product->manufacturer_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} Thanks for your help! Arnaud
  11. Thanks, I think it's the better way to do this. Here's another link that could be very useful : How to add New Hook to PrestaShop
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to know if it's possible to load a specific module in a template ? Example : print loadModule('Newsletter'); If not, what's the best way to define a "position" available in the backOffice, where i'll be able to add the modules i want to the new position ? Thanks a lot for your help! Arnaud
  13. I finally found the answer to my question : {if $page_name == 'index'}
  14. Hi everyone, I would like to detect if the page displayed is the front page of the shop or not. Is there a function or variable to check it, like in Wordpress or Drupal ? Thanks for your help! Arnaud
  15. Hello everyone, Has anyone been able to test the payment module Hipay? (Available on version 1.3) I configured everithing correctly, created a test account, no warning appears in the backoffice. When I reach the checkout, it says "No payment modules have been installed yet." HIPAY is activated and placed in the "payment" block (Modules -> positions). I don't seem to be the only one to have encountered this problem, so could you please give me some effective solutions, it's very urgent! Thx a lot! Arnaud
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