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  1. Is there any way I can do this in the new version?
  2. Hey gonebdg, Thanks for the replay, you got me thinking on some other solutions and this is the best I come up with: :-) 1. What if a create a new entry in the data base in "ps_product" another one like "wholesale_price" let's say "special_price". Now this will have my custom prices which I will add from the back-office of the shop in a custom text field. 2. Next I'll create a new group let's say "special_group" which will have "id_group = 2" in "ps_group" data base. How do I write the if function to tell the shop that if customer is in id_group = 2 then get the prices from "special_price"? :cheese:
  3. Hello, Stie cineva cum sa configurez magazinul sa pot accepta plati online cu cardul VISA sau Mastercard? e vreun tutorial pe undeva? se poate face in Prestashop? :cheese: Alex
  4. Daca vrei sa ai mai multe campuri pe langa cele care le ai acum trebuie sa modifici si in baza de date mySQL, cum stai la capitolul asta?
  5. Hello all, C'est possible que j'ai des prix differents pour chaque cont séparément? Par example: à un utilisateur m'a choisi d'offrir des prix différents, mais d'autres ne sont pas dus à des réductions de prix faites un groupe, parce que tous les prix vont changer.Si vous ajoutez une nouvelle catégorie dans "ps_product" base de données mySQL peut atteindre cet? si oui, indiquer comment l'utilisateur va être affecté? Toute autre suggestion est la bienvenue...
  6. The globall.css file is located in your themes folder /css/globall.css
  7. Ok if you changed the folder from ( admin ) to ( admin123 ) shouldn't the link be from: http://kharidestan.ir/admin/login.php to http://kharidestan.ir/admin123/login.php ???
  8. Change the name of the folder "/admin" from your server to something like/it should look like/give it a name like "/admin123" or "/admin765" or whatever you like.
  9. Did you renamed the folder /admin from your server to something else (e.g. /admin123) ?
  10. Buna ziua, Am si eu o intrebare, este posibil sa am preturi diferite pe fiecare cont in parte? De exemplu pentru un utilizator selectat de mine sa-i pot oferi preturi diferite de ceilalți dar pretul sa nu fie datorita unei reduceri facute unui grup deoarce nu toate produsele vor avea pretul schimbat. Daca adaug o nou categorie in „ps_product” din baza de date mySQL pot realiza acest lucru? Daca da cum indic care utilizator va fi afectat? Orice alta sugestie este binevenita…
  11. Hello all, Is it possible to have different prices per user account? For example for a specific user to have a custom price, but I want to set the price and not make a reduction for a group. For example: user1: product1 300$ user1: product2 200$ user2: product1 450$ user2: product2 200$ Adding a new category in mySQL for ps_product can do this? How do I tell witch user can use the new data base? Or any suggestions is appreciated
  12. Hello all, I have a quick question, I'm trying to modify the description of products like the model on the left in the picture attached and I can't make it work, it's like everything I try it appears like the model from the right. I modified "product_desc" from homefeatured.tpl from < p > to < ul > and still no success. Any ideas how to do this? Thanks, Alex
  13. Salut, Am si eu o problema, incerc sa modific descrierea la produse ca in modelul din stanga din poza atasata si nu reusesc, imi iese ca in modelul din dreapta. Am modificat "product_desc" din homefeatured.tpl din paragraf in ul si tot asa imi afiseaza. Vreo idee, sugestie...orice.
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