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  1. I am getting this error while trying to load product images (while subcategories images were able to load) "an error occurred while linking object product to categories"
  2. On previous version I didnt have serious problem to change blockheader img for categories, cart, info and links blocks for example. The last release is a fantastic improvement, but I get lost and I'm not able to make this change. Newbie on css. Thanxx!!!!!
  3. Yes, I remember some things of HTML and many changes have been done on our prestashop web. I've tried to modify h1 and h2 text size on style.css, but only home text is modified, while what i want to change is this: Thanx!!!
  4. I think this is an easy question, but today i'm blurred mind and cant find it. :-[ We need to change size of the titles of products when listed inside a category. Thanx!
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