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  1. So, when I try and edit product info, I get these error messages. Chrome: No Data Received. Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data. Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Firefox: The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading Error Logs reveal: [Wed Jul 23 18:25:50 2014] [11816888] [fcgid:warn] (104)Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server [Wed Jul 23 18:25:50 2014] [11816888] [core:error] End of script output before headers: index.php [Wed Jul 23 19:51:39 2014] [11816888] [fcgid:warn] (9)Bad file descriptor: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function [Wed Jul 23 19:51:40 2014] [11816888] [fcgid:warn] (9)Bad file descriptor: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function I'm on PS 1.6 but had this issue with the previous version as well. Called GoDaddy and they can't replicate the error and don't see any issues with the server. I've tried this on three different machines, two Macs and a PC. Tried on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There is very little documentation on this issue and no known fixes. I am at an impasse. If ANYONE has recommendations, I'd appreciate it. Also, I'm getting the "Some tabs was not loaded correctly" error too. Thanks.
  2. So, I've searched this forum for an answer and have tried all the recommended fixes to no avail. Basically, when I make a change to any file (tpl, css, php, whatever)...the changes don't reflect on the front end. I've tried Force Compile, I've turned Cache off, I've combined both, I've emptied smarty/cache and smarty/compile, I've cleared my browser history and tried it on another computer. Nothing works. I've even tried deleting files altogether and the site still shows as normal. Currently, I have the #header with display:none as a test, but the header still shows. Working in PS 1.5.4. This just started tonight when I added some code to the product-list.tpl file. I'm working in a theme and have checked elsewhere for other possible paths to the same-named files, but there isn't anything except in the default theme (which I even tried changing as well). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: I figured out the problem. It had nothing to do with caching...my version of FileZilla was all jacked up and wasn't actually uploading anything to the server. My apologies.
  3. No problem. Happy to help out. I know how frustrating it can be to get Prestashop to do what you want it to do. Good luck to you. And maybe sinoland can look and see which css file you need to edit in order to use his solution. I tried it in several areas and it wouldn't disable just the parent link; it disabled every link. It may be that the way in which the css is written that that solution will not work. Either way, I'm glad it works for you now.
  4. Hey Julian - It appears that you're using some kind of template other than the default theme that was provided by Prestashop; which means your css files, js files, etc. are going to be named something different. For instance, your theme is not using the "superfish-modified.js" file nor the "superfish-modified.css" file. So, the solutions we came up with need to be placed somewhere else. I looked on your site and tried to find the css and js files that are being associated with your theme, however, they're not labeled so that it's easy to determine. For instance, they all have a string of numbers in front of them (ie: "2349q730495q87qer0t.css"). So, it's not easy to identify which css file to modify. That said, I believe your menu js files is located here "http://www.jonnyjavelin.com.gridhosted.co.uk/themes/UniqueShop/js/modules/blocktopmenu/js/respnav.js" and the class for each menu item is "dc-mega". So, open the js file from the above path and insert this code at the bottom of the page, then upload the js file. It should do the trick. $(document).ready(function(){ $('.dc-mega').bind('click', false); });
  5. Hi Julian - Can you send me a link to your site and let me know which menu item you're trying to disable? There shouldn't be any reason it doesn't work unless the class of the item has a different name. However, all this said, sinoland has come up with a very easy solution (and better, in my opinion) than mine. In addition to it disabling the parent link, it also hides the URL. However, the CSS is "pointer-events:none" rather than "pointing-events:none". That's probably why it didn't work for you Julian. Give that a try and see if it works. Thanks sinoland! Nice, easy solution.
  6. I just installed 1.5.5 on a Godaddy server. Everything installed properly. I login to the BO, click Preferences>>SEO & URLs...then I'm redirected back to the login page. This happens with every click. I have deleted and reinstalled twice. Nothing works. I cannot make any changes in the BO because it always redirects me to the login page after each click. Any thoughts? Edit: I'll provide the URL, username/password for someone who can help out. Just PM me. Thx.
  7. Hi vekia - If you're referring to the link, yes, the link is still there, but it isn't active. I am assuming you're using the "blocktopmenu" that comes standard with Prestashop. So, if that's accurate, this piece of jquery should disable the link from loading onclick; even though it still looks like it's active. I've tested it on my site and it works great. I'm happy to help any way I can.
  8. Okay, so I came up with a solution for anyone who has been looking for this. It doesn't require hardly any reworking/removing code. Open this file: yourshop/modules/blocktopmenu/js/superfish-modified.js Simply place this line of code at the bottom of the "superfish-modified.js" file and violá! All parent links are disabled. $(document).ready(function(){ $('.sf-with-ul').bind('click', false); }); Whenever drop-down categories are created in the menu, they're given a class of "sf-with-ul". All this is doing is using jquery to bind a false return on click for anything on that page with class "sf-with-ul". It will not affect any menu links without a drop-down menu. Hope this helps. I've noticed this has been an issue since 2009 from searching these forums. I will mark this thread [sOLVED].
  9. Hello all - I've searched and searched and cannot seem to find an answer to this very frustrating issue I'm having... Basically, I have my top menu navigation set up as a mix of CMS links and Category links. What I'm trying to do is disable the Parent category links only for for those categories that have drop-down sub-menu categories. If anyone has any idea on how to hack this, I'd appreciate it. I have attached a screenshot for reference. I'm using 1.5.4
  10. Thanks for the reply, sws. This actually was a fresh install. About 20 minutes ago. I backed everything up and reinstalled. I haven't installed any shipping modules. However...your comment gave me an idea. I checked and I didn't have the "Shipping Estimate" module disabled. So, I went and disabled it and viola!, no more shipping options, So, indirectly, you solved my problem! Thanks sws! I feel kind of stupid now, but at least it's fixed.
  11. I've searched high and low for a solution to this issue. However, I have yet to find an answer. When I create a "Virtual Product" in the back office, when the user goes to check out, it still includes shipping options. This seems silly as it's a virtual product; thus, there would be no shipping options. It's also very confusing for the user. I have tried everything I can think of but cannot find a solution. I have included screen shots of a newly created Prestashop site, right out of the box, to show the problems. If anyone has a solution, it would be much appreciated. This is the newest version of Prestashop, I've found various threads on this very topic around the internet but no solutions. Only people saying that they "can't replicate" the issue; therefor, there is no solution. Thanks in advance.
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