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  1. Thanks for your help however I think my host manages SSL slightly different. This is what I am advised to do below: !Once you have opened your FTP client, enter your FTP details and connect. You should then see a new folder within your webspace called "htdocs_secure". This is where your secure files must go. Upload an example page if you wish and visit https://yourdomain.com/yourpage.html you should notice your browser showing a padlock icon or something similar to indicate you are on a secure connection. Whether you have purchased SSL for your main domain name or a subdomain you will need to ensure you visit the site via https:// rather than http://. For example • https://shop.example.com • https://example.com If you visit your site address without the https:// you will see the contents of the "htdocs" folder rather than "htdocs_secure", whether there is anything in it or not." Should my whole site be uploaded to the folder? And do I have to change the code to makesure the whole site is https? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, Can anyone help me, I am a little confused about my ssl cert. I have a ssl cert and enabled the ssl in the back end. The Prestashop is loaded in a non secure folder Do I need to upload any of the modules ie payment module in the secure folder? Any advice would be great. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I have recently bought a SSL cert for the shop and installed the shop on the secure server. Some pages seem to generate the https url automatically however other pages create a http url. I have the ssl cert switched on in the back end. How can a manually make sure ALL the pages generate the https url ?? Thanks for your help. www.bijouxburlesqueboutique.co.uk
  4. Hi, I would like to use paypal and google checkout within my shop. I am configuring google checkout and using the given API callback URL is: http://..../modules/gcheckout/validation.php however when i place this url in google checkout it states that is will only accept a https:// .... Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue. Thanks
  5. I also have the same problem with Google checkout must be a bug with the system!!
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