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  1. I disabled and re enabled all module and still nothing, is it worth trying to upgrade again?
  2. I reset the cart block and it did nothing. Still having the same issue.
  3. OK a few weeks ago I upgraded from PS 1.4 to now using the one click upgrade module. I now have noticed you can not add to cart from catalog pages you have to click into the item. when you click "Add to Cart" from the home page you get the message "Product not found This product is no longer available." but if you click onto the item where you see the product descriptions you can add to cart from there. I've looked around from some topics similar but no fix. TheCamoHut.com is my site
  4. UPDATE: after reading the error I just disabled the contact block and my site is working as normal just without the phone number at the top of the site. I really didn't want that anyway. I would still like to know what caused this if possible, however this seems to be solved for the moment. Thanks, Matt
  5. Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/home/mlalley6/public_html/themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blockcontact/nav.tpl" on line 29 "{/if}" unexpected closing tag <-- thrown in /home/mlalley6/public_html/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 29 This appeared after activating debug
  6. My website is SouthernVapeSupply.com Prestashop: The front end of my website SouthernVapeSupply.com won't load The admin section does load. any help would be appreciated? Thanks, Matt
  7. You should be able to disable the "Permanent Links Block" under modules. Modules > Front Office Features. You may want to simply disable this NOT delete the module. just in case you want it back. Hope this helps. Matt
  8. Hey All, I have a problem that I can't seem to find any clear answers for. First I am running PS SkiandStuff.com I need to be able to QUICKLY and EASILY arrange my Color Attribute Values in Alphabetical order. I would like this to be set up to be done automatically. Unlike other business in the ski industry colors change on a yearly basis nothing is simply Red or Green its Acid or Azure and currently i have 345 different colors and Ski customer know the specific colors so I can't simply change the color to Red it needs to be the exact name for that year. currently when you add a color value it is assigned a position number and goes to the bottom of the list, how can this be changed from position number to alphabetical? It take WAY to much time to change the positions one by on. I have do it using PHPmyadmin which moves a bit faster but I need a real fix for this issue as i said we change colors very often. I need the changes to be in affect on both ends back and front. (especially front for the customers easy access) Thanks, Matt
  9. I can't seem to find an answer for this and I would bet I am not the only person needing/wanting this. I use 3 carriers to ship orders (I only ship in the USA) 1.Post Office 90% of my order 2. FedEx 9% of my orders 3. UPS 1% of my orders My prestashop is currently set up using the table rate system and it works great. However there are times many times where customer order using USPS because it meets the free shipping minim I offer but as we all know the post office sucks with heavy packages and is more cost effective to ship with FedEx, I want to be able to change the customers shipping carrier on there order. when the customer chooses USPS and we ship FedEx the tracking link that is sent is incorrect and they call and email worrying about there order and we have to reassure them and let them know what we did. I can't find a module for this but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hopefully i explained this correctly Matthew TheCamoHut.com
  10. OK guys, I am looking for a module that turns PS into a inquiry cart. I have a rental business and love PS so I want a website to help my company. I don't want to run my business with this module such as the RentalModule.com this is not what i am looking for. What I want is for a customer to go to my site find the items they want see pricing of cores and add to the "inquiry cart" and checkout out without getting payment we handle that over the phone. i figured this would be easy but apparently not. Any ideas??? Matt
  11. For the life of me I can not seem to figure this out. When you hover the cart block on my site TheCamoHut.com on some categories it drops down and other it doesn't?? Any thoughts here? Hover over cart does NOT work : http://thecamohut.com/8-pink-camo-party-supplies Hover over cart DOES work: http://thecamohut.com/10-camo-party-supplies Need to get this figured out ASAP.
  12. I am still working on this and keep running into issues at every turn. So far the inventory scrips only works if a site is set up one way or the other meaning you have simple items with no combinations OR every item has a combination. I will have something figured out SOON!!! Thanks for waiting, I am in the same boat here Matthew www.TheCamoHut.com
  13. Try this module.. http://blog.dh42.com/search-pages-landing-pages/ Matthew http://www.TheCamoHut.com
  14. Still Having this issue any help would be apperciated!!!
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