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  1. Hi, I have added some block modules in center column of my home page. Its showing vertically but i want them horizontally aligned. Can anybody help me on that part?
  2. Find the global.css file @ YOUR_INSTALLATION_DIR\themes\prestashop\css Change the 'width' as you need #page { width: 980px; margin: 0 auto 2px auto; text-align:left; } #left_column { clear:left; width:190px; padding-right: 15px; } #center_column { width: 556px; margin: 0 0 30px 0; }
  3. I took time to understand and practise the solution you mentioned.Dont wanna bother ppl too much. Now it make sense to me.. its better to reuse the exisiting module. After the code change now i am able to bring those block in the 'Home' hook. But the problem is all those blocks are displaying vertically. As mentioned before i need them horizontally aligned. Can you please help me on that? - If i change the css style of those blocks in home page, it will be affected in other pages. But I want different color,heading and alignment of those modules in home page. i can think about following solutions: 1. Duplicate the entire module and rename it. Create new css ids for that module. 2. In module .tpl file i need to write logic like (if $page=='index' then use css id 1 else existing css id ) May be none of them are good, any better solution? Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you again. If you look at the screen shot, i want to create those 3 blocks in the home page editorial section(i.e. center column) not in left or footer area. From my basic understanding i think i need to add some in editorial.tpl . After that i need to figure out how to place my expected contents there. It would be great if somebody can explain me(in details) how to place "special" blocks in the that i created in .tpl file.
  5. Hi, Is there any way to execute some SQL query and put the result in one of my CSS area? Here what i want to do: 1. I want to create a block in home page and show the SQL query result in that block? Can you please provide step by step ins. For a beginer its very helpful. Thnak you
  6. Thank you very much for taking time to reply on that. I really need more details on that specially the CSS part. Just to summerize: 1. How can i carete those css block 2. How can i call those function 3. Which .php , tpl, .css file i need to modify. It would be great if anyone can show some working examples.
  7. Theme customization is a challange for the people who are not from design background. Requesting help /suggestion from expert ppl. Infact this will help other presta developers too. I want to design a home page like the attached image. How can i add another block on top of footer or at the bottom of middle contents. After adding that new block i want to put few image link and special product block there like the attached screen shot. I am not expert in CSS, if possible please provide the solution as details as possible. Also please leave some suggestion to learn temeplete customization quickly? - Is there any editor to edit prestashop theme?
  8. Actually there was no error. For testing purpose i took off a line form new-products.php file. After adding that missing line everything is normal as before. The missing line is: include(dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php'); Interestingly footer.php not only holds the footer code, it also contains right side column code. Its a bit confusing, not sure the logic behind it.
  9. - In the new-products.php page, i cant see right column and footer. Is that a default design or i did something wrong? - I cheked in the BO - > Modules - New Products, didnt find any config to fix that. Can anyone help me on that?
  10. - I've resolved that issue. In margin i just changed 0px to -23px. Thats it. #center_column_full { width: 980px; margin: -23px auto 2px auto; text-align:left; background:green; }
  11. I've used horizontal manu bar module and sliding module to flip images. Problem is I cant remove the space between this two module. I guess some CSS tweaking required. Any [spam-filter] out there? Please see my screen shot.
  12. Hi, Actually you need to add z-index in the following block as well. Hope it will solve your problem .sf-menu, .sf-menu * { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; z-index:5; /* ADD THE ZINDEX HERE */ }
  13. The solution is not working 100%. Still have some small issues, dont wanna confuse other people.
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