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  1. actually was 1.5.3 but i have never used specific price in order to see if was working
  2. Check your configuration Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: OK List of changed files Changed/missing files have been detected. Updated files (10) modules/blocknewsletter/mails/en/newsletter_conf.html modules/blocknewsletter/mails/en/newsletter_verif.html modules/mailalerts/mails/en/customer_qty.html modules/mailalerts/mails/en/customer_qty.txt modules/mailalerts/mails/en/new_order.html modules/mailalerts/mails/en/new_order.txt modules/mailalerts/mails/en/productcoverage.html modules/mailalerts/mails/en/productcoverage.txt modules/mailalerts/mails/en/productoutofstock.html modules/mailalerts/mails/en/productoutofstock.txt
  3. I have upgrade to prestashop but i have a problem in specific price and in the catalog price rules. I have specify a specific price but product still have the same price. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. I m using 1.5.5 but i have upgraded from with 'one click upgrade' with no errors
  5. Prestashop Δεν εμφανίζεται η μέθοδος πληρωμής στις παραγγελίες του διαχειριστικού? Καμία ιδέα?
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