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  1. Hi There, I am trying to stop all products from all sub categories appearing in parent categories. I have a shop which sales picture frames and related items. For frames I have a root category of “Frames”. Example . A 4” x 6” Black Frame Which exists in Frames > Photo Frames > 4” x 6” Frames > Black Frames Is assigned only to the bottom sub categories 4” x 6” frames and Black Frames. Yet if I select the category “Frames” from the main menu, this product and every single product in every sub category of “Frames” is listed in the products. Is there any way to stop this? What I want is that if I assign a product to only the “4” x 6” frames” sub category “Black Frames” sub category , it only appears in these categories. Any help would be appreciated. I think I saw a switch for this in admin in a very obscure place and cannot find it again. Kind Regards Morgan
  2. hi Giorgos I am having same problem. cannot create add item group. It just does nothing until I recreate the lot. Kind Regards Morgan
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