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  1. Hello... my shop is now live.


    The problem solved when I installed the new version of minic slider. But a new problem aroused when I upgraded the plugin... I cant adjust the slider image width and height from the plugin settings. It always comes in 100%.

    So I my self made a solution for it.

    I made some changes in   nivoslider.css


    I changed the values the width and height as per my requirement.


    .nivoSlider {
        width:100%;           ------------------->  1100px
        height:auto;           --------------------> 370px
        overflow: hidden;


    This is the right way to fix this problem?


    Because now am getting the correct alignment and dimension for my banner. But I am experiencing a problem on my first image in the slider. Its not fit with the slider area.


    You can see the current status here http://thriti.com

  2. Hello


    I am using prestashop and using fashion bird theme in it. Now I am experiencing a problem during the redirection to payment page. Its showing a error " Phone is too short or empty".


    But I noticed one thing that this error is not showing during INSTANT CHECKOUT.


    The error is showing only during the registered user checkout. I notice one thing also during registration process, the form is submission works smoothly even the required field "phone number" is not filled.


    I guess that the the payment gateway is not getting the phone number along with address when registered user makes a checkout.


    My domain is   http//:thriti.com 


    I am using EBS payment gateway.


    I hope anybody will give a solution for my problem as soon as possible.










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