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  1. Im still active,i was away for a while but i am active still,maybe people dont vote,i dont know but i still would like a norwegian forum.
  2. I just have one question hey i was just wondering if it had been possible to get a Norwegian community here at PrestaShop forum? The reason I ask is that I know it's Norwegian people here on the forum. I have also seen the Norwegian online stores that run by PrestaShop. So I hope that it is possible to achieve this and that is something that other Norwegian who desire it. Would also like to thank everyone for input. And hope everyone votes so it may come. Thanks For norske: Hei jeg har brukt prestashop en stund nå og jeg syns det er veldig dumt at det ikke er en norsk side på dette forumet for oss norske. Spesielt siden vi har svensk og dansk. Så er det flere av dere her som deler min mening ta og si det da vel så kanskje vi kan få en norsk side for oss her.
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