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  1. So you're saying that the majority of people, in this highly competitive world of internet commerce....only sell their products at either full retail....or absolute cost? That they have no need to set a selling price that is based on an absolute markup percentage from cost? That they are able to set a default Group discount that might sell their products at less than their cost and still be happy with that? Or that the vast majority of people using prestashop, sell only a few items that they manually create and have no need to import hundreds or even thousands of products with a selling price higher than cost yet lower than retail? Seriously? I've been in management for over 30 years. Been in business for myself for 26 years. AND NEVER......EVER..... based my selling prices on markDOWN from retail. A good business model ALWAYS bases their prices on profitability of a markUP from cost basis. Coincidentally, that is the feature which Prestashop is not able to provide.
  2. Using PS I have copy/pasted the FULL URL (https://www.facebook.com/PrepperSite/) of my Facebook business page (not my personal profile). I pasted it into the "Facebook Like Box Block" module. Prior to editing it for my page, it was correctly showing the default Prestashop facebook page. But after changing it to my business page, it no longer shows the facebook page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the module and again edited the URL, but it is still not working. Any suggestions?
  3. @Dh42 I think the easiest way to do it would be for Prestashop to make it possible to set profit margins based on Customer Group, by marking UP from wholesale. Then the customer front office would display the Retail price, the selling price and the discount. It would be done automatically by the group discount that comes standard with Prestashop. But for some reason PS is highly resistant to making this possible...and no module exists to allow for this function.
  4. Again I'll point out that this is a SUPER SIMPLE FIX if Prestashop would simply add a third price field as the selling price, OR make the Price Rules module capable of setting the displayed selling price as a markUP from wholesale. THAT would fix this for EVERYBODY who downloads the default Prestashop script. But maybe that's why they won't do that? Because it would remove an avenue of revenue....regardless of making their shopping cart more powerful and customizable than ANY other cart you can get.
  5. Thats an expensive way to go considering all Prestashop needs to do is add a selling price field and the problem is solved. Yes I know that means a lot of recoding. But seriously, Unless you sell your products ONLY at Retail or at Cost, then you're selling at a price other than one of those two. Which means, EVERY product has three price fields: Wholesale, Retail and Selling Price. But Prestashop in their infinite wisdom decided that we shouldn't be able to import our catalog with the selling price already calculated in our CSV file. Instead we have to go through laborious steps to first import the catalog, then take the catalog CSV file and run an excel forumla on the fields to compensate for the difference between our markup from wholesale and our retail price, then save that file in very small bites of 1500 or less rows (because PS times out regardless of what settings my host changes it to for me), then spend hours uploading the MANY multiple files and importing them into PS. All because they left out one little price field. But wait! you can spend hundreds of dollars on a product (StoreManager) that didn't work when I downloaded the test version. Amazing!
  6. Prestashop is one of the most powerful, easiest to use and cheapest platforms available. I am very happy with most everything about prestashop......EXCEPT one thing. PS makes adjusting prices to indicate a sales discount rather difficult and cumbersome. It might be ok for the shop that has a few dozen items. But for a shop like mine with 100,00 items spread across about 300 categories, with profit margins ranging from 10% to 110%...... Well, let's just say that Prestashop offers NOTHING simple or dynamic in regards to offering sales and not going below my cost of goods price. Example: I can create a Price Rule and give all customers in a specific group a discount....we'll say 35% discount for this group. If they get 35% off of an item that I make a 110% margin on....that's great! They get a good price and I still make a good profit. WIN WIN. But if they get a 35% discount off of the items that I only make a 10% margin on.....THAT'S NOT GOOD! I'm losing money on those items! YES....PS has the ability to set "specific prices" for specific groups for each item individually. But again...I have over 100,000 items and over 300 categories. So a Price Rule by category isn't an efficient option. A specific price per item isn't an efficient option. If I handle the markup from my wholesale price and then import that as the retail price....it doesn't show the retail price along with a discount in the front end. If I keep the Retail Price as the actual Retail Price in order to show a price and discount (which helps the customer understand that my prices are lower than other places), then PS doesn't show a discount percentage or amount UNLESS I set a group Price Rule (across the board and losing money on low margin items)/...... or unless I go through the tedious, time consuming process of setting and importing 100,000 specific prices. And then....Specific Prices might need to be deleted if a wholesale cost.... or a retail price changes. In an ideal world....A perfect world....(yes I know it;s not a perfect world).... Prestashop should have a field for the Wholesale Price...a field for the Retail Price.... and the ability to mass edit ALL products prices to a specific markUP from wholesale. This would still display the retail price to the consumer ALONG WITH the Selling price...ALONG WITH the DISCOUNT percentage/amount. Thus making it easier for the customer to see their actual savings and increase the chance of them purchasing. I would LOVE to have a module that would allow for such a MARKUP from wholesale instead of the only existing option of markDOWN from retail. If anyone knows of such a module or is able to create such a module, please let me know! Thank you!
  7. It's ridiculous that prestashop doesn't have the following price fields: Wholesale Price Retail Price Selling Price This way you can still show the retail price and the percentage discount from the retail to the selling price would display to the customer. As prestashop currently works, you set your retail price and then create a price rule to discount either your entire store or specific categories. Yes, you can create price rules to discount specific products but since you can't import those rules en-mass it's too cumbersome and time consuming to be practical. It's important to be able to use something like excel to set a bulk profit margin from my wholesale price, then upload those values to prestashop so each individual product might have a varying percentage discount from the retail price than other products. For example: I have a widget A that cost me $3.20 USD, The MSRP is $7.99 but I want to markup a 30% margin which would have me selling the item for $4.57. This is a 36.9% discount off of retail. I have widget B that cost me $2.95 USD. THe MSRP is $7.99 but I want to markup 30% margin which would have me selling the item for $4.21. This is a 40% discount off of the retail price. As you can see, I'm making the same margin but the discount amounts are different because the suggested retail is different. From my perspective this is only possible if Prestashop back office has a field for "Selling Price" and the front office shows the MSRP, the "Selling Price" and the percentage difference of the two.
  8. I'm wanting to edit my selling prices in excel then upload the price changes to PrestaShop. Then I want PrestaShop to show the retail price, my selling price and the percentage of savings. So far the only way I've found to change the selling price and show the percentage of savings is by catalog rules. But catalog rules are too broad. Is there a way to do what I'm describing?
  9. I'm running PS and the layered navigation block doesn't have an option to filter by features. It has attributes, manufacturer, price, availability. But nothing to filter by features.
  10. I'm looking for a product filter module that will filter my products based upon their features. Amazon has this type of filter. Let's say you click on cameras. It displays all the cameras available but on the left column you have the option to filter those results by brand, camera style, price, color, etc. Prestashop has a very basic version of this that allows filtering my manufacturer, availability, price and weight. But I'm wanting my customers to be able to filter the displayed products by the various features of the items. I have features enabled and am using them. Those features show up as Details on the product page. I just want the customer to be able to filter the products by choosing which of those features to show. I haven't found any modules that say they do this. Are there any modules already available that do this?
  11. I just discovered that a customer can't register on my site unless they are placing an order. Perhaps I'm missing a setting somewhere that causes this? When I try to create a test customer I click the "Sign In" link at the top of my page. I then enter an email address in the "Register as a new customer" section. But when I click "Register" it shows the "Authentication" breadcrumb but nothing else below that. So I tried adding products to the cart and registering during the checkout process and it worked fine. But my customers shouldn't have to go partially through the checkout process simply to be able to register. Any thoughts or ideas on how to remedy this?
  12. I only use english on my site at the moment. I don't have any other languages installed.
  13. I built my categories manually. Then I imported my products using the category ID numbers for the relevant category for each product. I can go into back office and see the products are there and are assigned to the proper category. The product is listed as visible. The product does show visibly in the front office for things like the New Arrivals block, etc. If I click on the item in the new arrivals block it correctly displays the product details page. However, if I click on the actual category for a product it returns a 404 page not found. I think this is related to friendly URL's but I can't find anywhere that allows me to disable friendly URL's. I'm using with the default theme I host with hostgator and am not sure how to enable friendly urls. I've checked the htaccess file and it has rewrite enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. According to that post, he fixed it by disabling advanced stock management. But I'm not using advanced stock management and none of my products have it enabled.
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