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  1. I have a question about a feature. On checkout or registration or entering a shipping address, I need to my customer to a. not choose a country (Turkey by default): dropdown box b. choose a city (from only those that we deliver to): dropdown box c. choose a county (of the city in ( above from what we defined): dropdown box Basically I need a hierarchical address structure of three layers. I don't want to use post codes for filtering. Is there a plugin or some way to do this? Or maybe tryout these plugins? Thanks, Burhan
  2. No.. Because when I change the values, the store front gets changed. The information in the details sections of the item gets changed, but the listbox-like object in the admin stays the same.. For instance, There is an ipod nano item that came with the source database. I changed the name of the item and its properties.. What I see at the store is the new name. When I go to catalog - products, it still says Ipod nano. When click it to edit the item, the name is different. It looks like a cache problem.. I cleared the cache, disabled it etc. It has been 3 days now. Still no change.. Very interesting...
  3. I installed presta recently. There is some demo data that came with the package. So I decided I could just change the values (strings) and test my own data. I can update the data successfully (i.e. database) but what I see in the Admin panel is the old data. Somehow it does not refresh itself in the list view, though I can see the new values when I try to edit each item. After googling around, I played with the cache settings. It is the same problem even with the cache disabled - which is, customer - groups, catalog - properties, catalog - features, catalog - products etc. I have no clue about the problem.. Any suggestions?
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