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  1. I am using version and need to upgrade to 1.7, but not having any luck. The 1-Click module gives the error: [Ajax / Server Error for action unzip] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Bad Gateway " jqXHR: " ". After searching multiple posts, I thought it might be server related. Our server, ipage, suggested that the php was not correct, so we changed it to a higher version, 7.1 or higher (don't remember which one exactly), but that crashed all of prestashop. Rolled it back to 7.0 to get the store back working. They then escalated my ticket and then sent me this email: We are a small non-profit, so funds are very limited and so are my skills! That is why I am trying to do all this on my own. Thanks!
  2. Here is a section from the page source and a screenshot from the webstore.
  3. On our checkout page, we have Authorize.net as an option for payment. It currently says "Secured card payment", but we need to change the wording slightly. I have looked at the items in the authorizeaim module folder, as well as, several other places, but can't find that text to change. Contacted Authorize.net but that text is not part of their module and can't change it. Where else can I look? Using prestashop version Thanks!
  4. I may give that one a try. We receive donations occasionally, and would like for them to be able to select One Time Gift or Monthly Gifts.
  5. I finally got a response from our website host and they restored an earlier version of our shop. That got rid of the module. Never received a response from the module developer. Now I need to find a good and inexpensive module that will allow us to have Virtual Product Combinations.
  6. I went in Filezilla and changed that folder's permissions to 777. Deleted the folder and it came back again.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I renamed the inixframe module, but when I refresh the page and go back to the modules folder in filezilla, the inixframe folder is back! Tried 3 times, same result.
  8. Hello, Right after I installed the this module: Virtual Combinations Module - Compatibility : with all Prestashop 1.6.x. Now, every time I go to Modules in the BO, this error shows: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/hermes/bosnaweb17a/b745/ipg.creationtruth/store/modules/inixframe/InixModule.php: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' How do I uninstall or delete this module? I have looked on forums, but none of the suggestions work, or I don't execute them properly. Contacted the company, but no response. PS Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your advise! Yes, I did have another module that I didn't need affecting the button. Disabled it and now the button works! You are right about the random products being put into the cart, or at least that is how it looks on the dropdown. They aren't actually in the cart when I go to check out. Weird. Also, now that the button is working, when I add something to the cart, the popup is wider than the page and you have to scroll right to see all of it. Thanks again for the response!
  10. We noticed that on the Add to Cart button on the module: Featured products on the homepage was giving an error on all products listed. Error: Product not found. This product is no longer available. If you click on the image or the More button and go in to the product page, the Add to Cart button works fine. I just found out that it also fails in the category pages as well. I have tried searching the forums and the web, but none of the advice works. Thought about just deleting the button from the featured products, but couldn't find a solution. Added a module called Featured category products on the homepage v1.5 - by MyPresta.eu and it too has the Add to Cart error. We are using and the site is http://www.creationtruth.com/storetest2015/ Thanks!
  11. Pascal, sure thing. I should have done that already. http://creationtruth.com/store You will see "Ministry Donations" under the Categories in the left column & a link in the right column. Those are our only virtual products that need the quantity box on the product page and one on the check out page. Thanks!
  12. Is adding a quantity box to the check out page a major task?
  13. Nemo1, no, I use a theme from Graphileom. It was a free one, but I really like the way it matches our main website. People will donate to us in all kinds of amounts and sometimes it can be a sizable amount, so hitting the + button would take too long Thanks for the reply
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