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  1. The easiest and quickest solution would probably to forget trying to figure this out and use a different slider. There are many great sliders avaliable that work well.
  2. I believe this is precisely what the groups feature does. Create a group, apply the correct customers to that group and only those customers will be able to see whatever you mark as for that group only. You can do a lot of cool things like price reductions only for people in a certain group, only certain people can see certain categories etc. This should give you a proper explaination. http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Managing+Customers#ManagingCustomers-Groups
  3. In regards to the first question, yes and it should be very easy. A simple if statement in the product.tpl file will work. Look in ProductController.php to find a variable you can use, you shouldn't need to change anything in the php file whether you want one product or an entire category of products.
  4. While skulaluks code does work for those of us who don't want a delay nor an animation is is not so great. Change if (window.location.pathname=='/') { setTimeout("$('#cat99').children('span.grower').trigger('click')",500); setTimeout("$('#cat98').children('span.grower').trigger('click')",1000); } to if (window.location.pathname=='/') { // change grower class so you won't have to click twice to close the category $('li#cat2').children('span.grower').addClass('OPEN').removeClass('CLOSE'); //show whatever menu you want $('li#cat2').children('ul').show(); } And you have categories that start open with no delay and with no animation.
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