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  1. Perfect! Thank you so much! Just for asking, i don't wanna take advantage of your kindness, is there a way to set an empty default value in the dropdown menus so the customer is forced to select address everytime? By the way you solved what I needed the most!
  2. first solution does not work (still reversed order). the second one leaves the dropdown menu empty!!
  3. I really appreciate your help. This trick does not work though, Billing orders is still reversed!
  4. my fault. I didn't remove an apex. Now it works but in the dropdown menu to choose the billing address order is reversed from z to a as you can see here
  5. Thanks but i think there is something wrong with the syntax!
  6. Hi. Is it possible to reorder the addresses list alphabetically and not by id? My customers will likely have a great number of addresses in their book so I need them so see the list ordered alphabetically by their alias name! I have to achieve this in the addresses page of customer account and, especially, in the dropdown menus (billing and delivery) during the checkout process (third step - ADDRESS) Thanks Prestashop
  7. What do you mean? I think that if I selected an Italian address for delivery I should have seen the highlighted voucher!
  8. Prestashop I found a bug I created a voucher, restricted it just for a country (Italy) and setted "Highlight" on yes. The problem is: if a customer account has just italian addresses the voucher is highlighted correctly in the checkout process; if the customer has address of other countries too, the voucher is not highlited despite the italian address is chosen as delivery address. How to fix it? Thanks
  9. Hi I need to retrieve the country id of delivery address in the last step of checkout (order-payment). I need it to modify some details in order-payment.tpl basically it would be something like if country_id == 10 show something else show something else is there a way to achieve that? Thank you P.S: version
  10. For everyone who got the same problem I found a really fast solution. In my case my attribute Color has id_attribute_group 3. In my database, in the table ps_attribute_group, for some reason after the upgrade to version of prestashop I had this line. (look at the attached image) Basically, is_color_group should be set to 1. You can do it manually in the database or, I think, you can edit your attribute in backoffice and set again: attribute type: color or texture. Hope this can help someone!
  11. Hi! I am setting up a new shop with prestashop version. Is it possible to filter discounted products with layered navigation? I want layered navigation block to appear in the left column of prices-drop page. Thank you!
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