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  1. I am using a completely different domain. Whats the idea behind using a subdomain?
  2. Hello everybody, I've digged a lot of old topics with a huge bug in PS 1.6 Multishop. Is there anyone who has figured out any solution yet? The main bug: You can't edit/save any new category inside the second root category. It just doesn't display in the admin category tree.
  3. Gosh, Prestashop is so buggy in all those years I tried using it. Can't they fix something important instead of releasing 1.7.
  4. Hello, I've tested both modules, they don't work for this "simple" purpose. Has any one interest in developing this kind of module?
  5. Thanks for the reply, but the issue, it's an 3rd party plugin (paypal). So I don't want to change the core plugin files or else it get's overwritten after an update. Is there no other solution? I tried to override it by extending the class with an additional hook, which did not work. Any one else has experience with extending an plugin class?
  6. Hello, I've tried to override the public install function to add an additional hook position. To be more specific, I want to hook a module to displayProductButton. Is there a how-to somewhere or maybe a small hint could help also. Thanks!
  7. Thank you, I've just wrote @elpatron and will see if this will also change the displayed price if there is a different price each country.
  8. Hi, I am searching for a dropdown in addition to the language or currency menu. Reason: Item cost: Country A: 50,- Country B: 60,- The different shipping costs are not mandatory. The shop prices should show the prices depending on the country selected. Is this a build-in feature? Normaly this steps only works if the item has a special price for a specific country. But this is only visible if the frontend user logs in or is already in the cart. Thanks
  9. This is true. Why is there no Condition "exclude". Conditions should work both ways. Can this be implemented in the next 1.6.x update?
  10. Hello everybody, as written here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/209310-unable-to-create-many-attribute-combinations/?p=2091601 Prestashop needs a general new attribute build-up. Now many clients get back to me because prestashop is not capable of complexe products. Even though 3rd party modules are not satisfying. I know it's freeware/open source. But I think we could crowdfund for this new "upgrade". Thanks in advance!
  11. This is still a very big issue with all my future clients - we need a solution for this prestashop. I got the module from "prestochangeo", but this is not the very best solution. This should be build in by now. Please prestashop make this big update, or else I cant recommend this shop system any more because at the end my clients are not happy with the solutions I gave them.
  12. Hello, I've got Version 1.7.7 and the "copy attribute" does not work anymore. I did not update anything, so I don't know why it doesn't work anymore. Following error in console: POST .../modules/attributewizardpro/copy_combination_json.php //jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4 n.ajaxTransport.send //jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4 n.extend.ajax // awp.js:301 onclick // awp_copy_validationindex.php?controller=AdminModules&token=9b59be2ef7897ce0abb3107ac4a13c2a&configure=attributewizardp…:1087
  13. Hi, this is an old post - but I am trying to modify our export script. Everything works, without the combinations. At the moment this is getting exported: ID 7 ID 7 ID 7 ID 7 But I need ID 7-Banana ID 7-Apple ID 7-Strawberry ... Because the import tells me, there are multiple products with same id. Has anyone solved this? I know how to display the array, but I don't know how to loop it inside the loop. Thanks
  14. If someone else is searching for this: In 1.5.6 I've just added a invisible product "Shipping Cost 1". Then I just added this product to the order.
  15. Help please :-( Can't update, because the template will stop working with a newer version of PS
  16. -- EDIT -- No did not fix it, now the category get's ignored and every item is shown in every category :-( -- / Edit-- I think i fixed it by myself. categorycontroller.php, Line 56. Delete "!$this->category->inShop()" Before: if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($this->category) || !$this->category->inShop() || !$this->category->isAssociatedToShop()) After if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($this->category) || !$this->category->isAssociatedToShop()) Now it works. But my breadcrumb does not work any more :-(
  17. Hello, I get an email from paypal, that they could not find this file: www.SHOP.de/modules/paypal/validation.php What must I do? There is no such file in the paypal-module folder. The folder permission is also set to 755 PS: PayPal: 3.5.5 PayPal configuration: Use express-checkout: No Sandbox: real env. Payment: direct I also tried to just copy the "validation.php" from my Prestashop 1.4 but an error occures: Fatal error: Call to undefined method PayPal::getL() in /html/shop/modules/paypal/validation.php on line 67
  18. Is there any (bigger) solution? I've got the same problem. Thank you!
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