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  1. How do i close stats at the back office ? This is the module that i need to uninstall (Condensed stats for the Back Office homepage )?
  2. i have www.hainenike.com with prestashop , and the guys who i have my site shared told me that i'm useing to many resources for this kind of a site. can anybody tell me what to do ? it's my fault that the site is using so many rs ? what can i do ? they want to move me to a dedicate server, but is very expensive !!
  3. am o gazduire la www.hainenike.com de 100 mb si 5 g trafic, si am fost anuntat de cel la care am gazduirea ca site-ul meu consuma mult prea multe resurse si ca ar trebui sa trec pe un server dedicat, dar un asttfel de server vsp este foate scump, undeva la 100 ron pe luna, pe cand eu dau acum 50 ron pe an. S-a mai intalnit cineva cu problema asta ? a mai consumat site-ul cuivat mult prea multe resurse ??
  4. I will atach a picture with a print page that i need to create for my partners. I want to add to that page some code's for my banners so that people who want to help my, by adding this banners to their site's , blog can do this by copy/paste a cod. For exemple, if i put this cod on a new page in Tools-> Cms, on my front office it is apearing as the banner, but want only the cod to apear, so it cand be copy/paste. How can i write the cod, so it would appear on the front office ? Pls help me,
  5. Am www.hainenike.com , as dori sa creez o pagina unde doritori ,cei care au diferite site-uri sau bloguri, sa poate copia un script de pe aceasta pagina, pentru a afisa un banner creeat de mine pe paginiile lor. As dori sa se vada atat bannerul in forma finala pe aceasta pagina, cat si codul care trebuie copiat sub banner. Daca aveti idee cum sa creez casutele unde sa inserez acest cod, fara a se transforma in banner, astept un replay. Multumesc editez acest topic iar, atasant o poza cu ceea ce vreau eu sa creez
  6. Am multi clienti care nu vad asta, si doresc sa ii comande. Site-ul meu este www.hainenike.com . astept raspunsuri , multumesc
  7. Am reusit, am creeat cele doua fisiere in rootul site-ului, le-am dat acces 7 7 7 , si le-am regenerat din backoffice. acum merg linkurile de pe site-urile carora le-am dat feeduri
  8. Buna si multumesc pentru raspuns. Am intrat unde ai spus si acolo scrie asa Warning: this tool can ONLY be used if you are hosted by an Apache web server. Please ask your webhost. This tool will automatically generate a ".htaccess" file that will grant you the possibility to do URL rewriting and to catch 404 errors. If you do not have the "Friendly URL" enabled when generating the ".htaccess" file, such feature won't be available. Before being able to use this tool, you need to: - create a .htaccess blank file in dir: / - give it write permissions (chmod 777 on Unix system) si Warning: Your file robots.txt MUST be in your website's root dir and nowhere else. eg: http://www.yoursite.com/robots.txt. This tool will automatically generate a "robots.txt" file that will grant you the possibility to deny access to search engines for somes pages. Before being able to use this tool, you need to: - create a robots.txt blank file in dir: / - give it write permissions (chmod 777 on Unix system) un fisier txt as putea creea si sa il upladez acolo, dar fisierul .htaccess nu stiu cum sa-l creez.
  9. Mi-am pus produsele printr-un feed pe goshopping com . Site-ul meu este www.hainenike.com iar linkul la produse apare asa: http://hainenike.com/product.php?id_product=63 , pe goshoping insa este preluat ca http://www.hainenike.com/63-nike-zoom-sparq-s7.html , atunci cand se face clik pe poza, clientului ii da eroare 404 , si ii spune ca linkul nu e activ. De ce apare produsul pe site-ul meu asa http://hainenike.com/product.php?id_product=63 , iar da catre data feed este preluat http://www.hainenike.com/63-nike-zoom-sparq-s7.html ?? ce trebuie sa schimb si unde, multumesc
  10. Am reusit pana la urma, am copiat direct in root fisierele php cu data feed , iar pentru a le citi trebuie sa scri asa, www.mysite.com/datafeed_shopmania.php , in functie de ce nume are data feedul, la fel scri si dupa numele site-ului. Multumesc oricum
  11. Multumesc pentru raspuns. Sa spunem ca iau acest data feed de la site-urile respective. Cum anume le bag in ftp ? imi poti explica mai detailiat aceasta operatiune ? Multumesc
  12. Buna, am site-ul www.hainenike.com , si doresc sa imi afisez produsele pe site-uri ca shopmania,cauti.ro etc, dar toate cer data feed de pe site-ul meu. Are prestashop acest data feed cu produsele undeva ?
  13. Hi, if you want to change your homepage logo,and you can't do it from your back office, you can do it this way: enter in modulus/editorial/ and delete the homepage_logo.jpg and upload there the new logo with the same name.
  14. Hi,i have the same question. I find in the themese / prestashop / header.tpl the meta tags but i don't know how to change it. Plese respond
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