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  1. Hi Has your email notification ever been working or is this a new error?
  2. Hi, thanks for checking out my site. Although, the prices are entered in the BO are correct the display price is wrong. It should be 39 plus vat. If you add it to the cart it will display the correct price. So, I'm no further forward :-(
  3. Hi Again I've replaced the files - Did a force compile and emptied the cache but I still have the very same problem. I used the Product Combinations Generator and yes it displays the correct price and the VAT price is correct in the Back Office. But after visiting the page: Sound Engineering I noticed the VAT is still not being displayed until it is added to the shopping cart. Did you have to change anything else within the cart? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Hi Thanks, I'll give it a try! Where did you get the new files from? I've just noticed you have attached the files!!! Excellent.
  5. Hi Also, if I find out the solution I'll post it here. Thanks
  6. I've been reading many posts on this and not sure if there is a SOLVED out there or not. Can someone please post a solution to this problem - if it exists??? I have Prestashop Version installed and using the GCheckout module. Orders go through ok but there is no history of orders in the back office. Any help much appreciated. If you have the same problem with Google Checkout - please add onto this post! The more the better.
  7. Hello I'm using Prestashop Version - I have the following page which is using the combinations feature: Product If you look at the price of the default product (it should actually display £19.95 Incl VAT) - It currently displays £16.63 However, if I Add to Cart it displays the correct price. I setup each product page with combinations like this: Make the default price 0.00 Add a combination and use impact on price with increase to display the price with VAT. Have I missed something? Any help much appreciated.
  8. Excellent Shoulders! Works a treat, now I can fix all my leaking visitors. Thank You.
  9. Can someone please help me with this problem. BTW I'm using Prestashop V. I wish to redirect an old page to a new one - The old page is HERE I've added the following to the very end of my .htaccess which is the following: Redirect 301 /buy/73-active.html http://www.softplanetgroup.com/buy/sound-engineering/57-made-easy-book-and-cd-rom.html It ALMOST works - except that when it arrives at the page it adds ?id_product=73 onto the end of the URL! This stops the correct URL displaying. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Help is much appreciated.
  10. Hello, thanks for the info. I looked at that post earlier and even tried to add the code which was at the end of the post. When I viewed my site after changing .htaccess the CMS page displayed only it's own url at the top page. What I mean is - if the original page was called test.html - when it displayed it just displayed...mysite/test.html at the top of the page instead of the actual content. So, It wasn't successful for me!
  11. I've seen this a few times in the forum but found it hard to pinpoint a solution. Could someone please tell me why all of my CMS pages now revert back to the home page when clicked. And, how do I fix it! Very frustrating. Any help much appreciated.
  12. It's back again... For anybody who has had the same heart attack... After installing the theme go to Preferences then under the General Settings change Use Smarty 2 instead of 3 to No. Save, then open a beer!
  13. [sOLVED] Hello I've just installed the Free Template 1.4 Prestashop Alternative via the Theme Installator and my site is now blank!!! Can anyone please offer some advice on how to get it back! I tried to select the default template back again but nothing. Very frustrated. Is there something else I should be doing to initialise the template? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi There Are you managing to get orders with Google Checkout? I have it installed on version 1.4 and am receiving orders but I get about 4 emails every day from Google saying that my validation.php is not vaild. I also wrote to my hosting provider asking about the secure certificate and there seems to be no problem there. It's very frustrating. But, if I do find a solution I'll certainly update this post.
  15. Anyone... Just had a thought - If I delete the 404.php file in Preferences - SEO will that allow my hosting control panel redirects to function properly? Or will this do something nasty to Prestashop?
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