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  1. hi, thank you for your help, i got this error; how can i solve this? Fatal error: Class GridExtJS contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (ModuleGridEngineCore::setLimit) in /home/aga63/public_html/classes/Module.php(547) : eval()'d code on line 16
  2. Hi, I have attached another screen shot of the coding for the modules page. This is after i have copied the new file from the svn. What do you recommend I do? because the modules appear on the front page but they do not work. a basic example is the faq's module you can see it on the website when you visit it but when you click on the page and try to open the faq's they do not respond and work. I have upgraded to v1.4.2.5 and the problem still exists any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks again.
  3. that can't be because i just replaced the current file with a new one from the svn and it was double the size of the previous one on the server. my server is hosted by arvixe. and i used softacolous to upgrade to v1.4 then v1.4.1 i cannot remember how the problem began. i have restored my server to a previous version and the database but that did not solve the problem so i had to restore back to v1.4.1
  4. i just copied the file from the svn and replaced it with the one on the server and still no difference
  5. Hi Thanks tab=AdminStores&token=16fc15392064782a2e77ca6898a2f627">StoresLog Positions Menu Modules & Themes Catalog My Account Themes [removed] $(function() { $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: 'ajax.php', data: 'helpAccess=1&item=AdminModules&isoUser=en&country=TR&version=', async : true, success: function(msg) { $("#help-button").html(msg); $("#help-button").fadeIn("slow"); } }); });[removed] Back Office Modules
  6. Hi Thanks alot, which file has the error? i have not played around with anything. The payment page is also like that aswell. any ideas on what it could be?
  7. Hi The modules in the module page do not load up at all. Please have a look at the attached file. Any suggestions to solving this problem?
  8. Hi, It's not working at all. I have restored the database and website to a previous version v1.3.6 when i click on the modules page it still does not load up.
  9. After upgrading from v1.3 to v1.4 i can no longer see modules. the page loads up but the modules do not load up at all in the backoffice. can suggestions?
  10. Hi Has anybody had an increase in visitors as a result of upgrading to v1.4 from a lower version? or have you experienced higher rankings in search engines? I am planning to upgrade but would like to know the story of those who have upgraded. Thanks
  11. does this problem still exist in the latest v1.4 release?
  12. Hi Usman As a result of using this method have you seen an increase in visitors from search engines? Ali
  13. if you are using v1.3.6.0 please go to the end of that post youwould see that i have uploaded the fixed file for that. hope it helps
  14. http://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-modules/25-duplicate-url-redirect.html this one
  15. ok just add the 2 other fixes i sent you, you would need to go to the last pages of those topics to see my post and you can download it. so you sell on ebay aswell very nice. you a programmer?
  16. ok 1 generate robots.txt in back office 2. switch on friendly url writing 3 generate a new .htaccess in back office dont forget the 301 redirect from non-www to www 4. dont add a sitemap to google webmaster as the sitemap moduel does not contain the latest url's. therefore you would be penalized for it. so erase any sitemap you have made using the sitemap module. 5. add the 2 different fixes i have sent you. 6. wait one week and you would see a decrease in duplicate content. 7. about in a months time you should start to get more visitors from search engines. 8. but the 301 redirect module from Tomer for $25. this is extemely beneficial 9. add meta tag details for each item, but before you do this make sure you have used google traffic estimator to ensure you are using the words which get the most amount of searches for your meta tags. That way you would be listed in more results and have more visitors. Anything else?
  17. Also you need to add the fix here aswell go to the final page i have also uploaded a fix for v1.3.6.0 here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/74380/ this would also solve some problems. After doing this you would see an increase in visitors and get crawled more often. have you created a .htaccess? and robots.txt? please send me the link of your website
  18. look at the seo fix i have uploaded. then give it a few days allow google to update and you would see a decrease in duplicate content. I added the fix 4 days ago and today google updated webmaster stats and there is a 20-25% decrease in the duplicate content within 4 days. So if I wait a little longer and allow it to crawl a few more pages then the duplicate content would also decrease. Just add the fix and wait a week then see what google stats is saying
  19. yes it is available for different versions. if you are using v1.3.6.0 then please go to the final page. I have added the fix for that latest stable version
  20. If we saw no duplicate url's or content for search engines, we would each get more visitors. If we had the option to use google optimizer then we can each try different variations to improve conversion rate. As a result Prestashop would be more successful. The ability to add different variation of themes in the BO to google optimizer would be excellent. Probably the best module we can get. Imagine having the ability to add 3/4+ different themes at once and getting reports from them. All you need to do is make the changes to the themes and add a code for google website optimizer.
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