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  1. Hi guys,


    We are looking for Prestashop professional who can help out to grow us bigger and faster.

    We want to start our relation with the right candidate on freelance basis which can end as a permanent position.


    All skills which Prestashop takes are required: DB management, PHP, server configuration and so on. We tweaking and reworking the shop very frequently so we will have plenty of work for you.


    Reasonable priced work will be paid via Moneybookers or Paypal, in most cases we want to have strict deadlines and work completed fast enough.


    Looking forward to see the right person.



  2. Hi we run two shops and recently started to develope rather strange problems with prestashop databases. Issues as follows:



    Problem1: When using cpanel database backup function it downloads an empty file. When exporting database via PHPmyadmin it times out and says that file export.php does not exist. However, using mysqldump for database in Linux shell works fine.

    Memory limit can not be a problem seeing as it is set to 1024M and we have also tried with 2048M and still does not work. We have had this server running for months without changing any settings and made many successful backups via cpanel.

    The last successful backup via cpanel was made on 3rd of June. Since then it has failed and we don't understand why. The last entry in the mysql error log indicates a database crash on 13th of June and "Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite".


    Problem 2: When copying around 50 products using Prestashop back office, the prestashop database table "product_download" grew from 4mb to 9GB just over the course of a few minutes. None of the copied products were downloadable products. They had no file attachments.

    The 9GB table in question has been deleted since then. We have noticed that every time a product is created, new entries are made in the table product_download. Is this how it is supposed to be or a bug? And how could it grow so much just from copying a few items? We want to know how if anyone else has had this problem and how they worked around it.


    Problem 3: When installing a custom Prestashop module that creates a few tables in database, the tables associated with module are deleted automatically within a few minutes of creation. We don't understand why this happens.


    Operative system: CENTOS 6.4 x86 64bit

    RAM: 4GB

    WHM 11.38.0 (build 18)

    Memory_limit: 1024M

    max_execution_time: 600

    Database size: 302MB


    We are looking for a specialist who is good with databases/linux and familiar with prestashop to fix these issues. Also it maybe some co-operation on tasks basis later.


    Please PM me with your details and experience.

  3. I´m asking in two sites at same time, one answer with possible solution and other just complaint. this forum should redirect to a FAQ page to answer all quertions that "hundreds of cutomers" BVK have... I think that a company that have a lot of customers should be mature and have a better customer support, even in a forum where people could drop in "wrongly" just because the forum has the same name of module and or moderating people has the same name of developer module. I´m not only a hobbie programmer I have been working for years (18) to develop new suppliers for big companies one of his main errors is to give a bad customer support even if the security guard is the only one in plant production, I don´t expect a phone calls, just the right direction with URL and an possible answer. Of course I´m not the firts one who are asking for a good support; you should think if you are doing the right think for support and address people to your site in order to get more customers. I were addressed to your site and now i´m been hiting with questions instead been addressed to FAQ paradise.


    :) well, the problem I had was fixed, now I have to write an article about what modules you must have and which you have to avoid...



    This developer does not sound at all like professional. We bought more than 30 modules in total both on prestashop website and from developer shops and never had experience like with BVK. He avoids to interact and look in any problems at all costs.


    It is just my feedback nothing more. Your fighting here with your customers is just another confirmation.

  4. We had a Paypal module back when we were using Prestashop and Paypal refunds can be done via BO. Now with, I can't refund at BO. Why have this in older version and remove it in the newer version?

    Same question here, will it be a support for refunds from backend for 1.5 Prestashop? Thanks

  5. Hi,

    I was browsing few topics around here.


    Transaction could not be initiated due to connection problems. If the problem persists, please contact our support.

    Same issue was brought to attention here:



    Basically we are looking to use Paysafecard on our webiste but module available in Prestashop addons is outdated.




    There was an issue with general functionality.

    Paysafecard team has mentioned the following issue:


    > With the module prestashop you need to make some changes in the code, because this module is not up to date with our new features.


    > If you want to go live with prestashop you need to set up the parameter “MerchantClientID”.


    > You will find all necessary information in our documentation: http://www.paysafeca...ata/api-client/



    > Set the “MerchantClientID” in order to identify a customer for promotional activities in order to prevent from multiple PIN abuse of promotion cards. This parameter should be set in the CreateDisposition request and should value the customerID the customer has at your web shop.

    Our programmer fixed that by editing files PrepaidServices.php and PrepaidServicesAPI.php. But error mentioned in topic above is still there and Paysafecard has no clue why it is not working now.


    Anyone has it working on their website?

  6. I am running a dedicated linux server with cpanel and up to date versions of apache, php and mysql. I have two questions concerning prestashop 1.5.1:


    1. When I add www in front of shop main url in backend under multishop, I can no longer login or logout in frontend. I am using default theme. How can I get www to work without affecting login and logout functionality?


    2. When I define a subdomain as main url for a shop, the url in question won't resolve to shop in browser. Whether I have that subdomain created in cpanel or not makes no difference., How do I get multishop with each shop on a subdomains to work?

  7. Wait for the "stable" release then try to test this feature.

    Thanks Nick for the comment, but while we are testing on RC2 we want to find the answer.

    As far as we and our theme developer understand that 1.5 is not supporting shopping cart share and customer login status across subshops? Or we missing something?


    As it works right now in our test environment:


    If customer have registered in any shop he can authorize in any multistore shop no problem. However his logon status is not passing when he navigates between the shops (so customer needs to authorize on every shop) also it is not possible to add to the shopping cart things from different subshops (cart content is not passing between subshops).


    Anyone can comment on this please?

  8. We are currently in development of our new shop which is based on 1.5 version.

    Can you please confirm if 1.5 is not supporting shopping cart share and customer login status across subshops?


    It is highly important feature. Otherwise customers have to re-login on every subshop and checkout only within certain subshop.


  9. Hi guys,


    We are currently in development of our new shop which is based on 1.5 version.

    As far as we and our theme developer understand that 1.5 is not supporting shopping cart share and customer login status across subshops? Or we missing something?


    Also if it is not supported in 1.5 do not you think it would be it is very important feature if you do not want to ask your customers to re-login on every subshop and checkout only within certain subshop too.

    Could be discussed before but I can not find any reference.


    Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


  10. Hi guys,


    We require somebody to work out a payment module for our upcoming Prestashop webshop.


    Zaypay is phone/sms payment solution.


    There is some information available here:



    Payment method should be based on store credits (shop internal store wallet which customer can topup with this method and then pay with it in a shop).

    We have detailed specs and it is available on your request.


    Please PM or post below.

  11. Всем привет,

    Может кто знает как лучше к этой проблеме подойти.

    Перенесли два сайта на новый хостинг, после переноса неверно работает русский язык в престе.

    Отображаются квадратики и корючки. При попытке изменять и сохранять уже имеющиеся переводы - не сохраняется и сбрасывается полностью перевод.



  12. Hi guys,


    I have fresh installation of and when I am trying to use Ajax Cart from 1.5 styled theme


    It gives me the following error:


    TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product.



    Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest]

    Text status: error




    in the error_log


    [05-Jul-2012 09:40:50 UTC]

    PHP Fatal error: require_once() [<a href='function.require'>function.require</a>]:

    Failed opening required '/home/SHOPNAME/public_html/modules//blockcart/blockcart-ajax.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/SHOPNAME/public_html/controllers/CartController.php on line 81



    From this error:

    1. Does not seem to be right url




    2. No such file in PS 1.4.82 installation



    Any idea how to fix it guys?

  13. Hi guys,

    We are working with digital goods and removed postal code as required field in our registration as it is not needed and we believe Prestashop is not handling it well for International postal codes.


    Now we are getting Paypal API error when the customer leaves a post code field blank:


    Please refer to logs:

    • PayPal response:
    • TIMESTAMP -> 2012-05-20T10:40:56Z
    • L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10730
    • L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address Postal Code Empty
    • L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> The field Shipping Address Postal Code is required
    • L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error


    Any way to fix it in module or it is solely on Paypal side?


  14. Всем привет.

    Может кто знает с чем может быть проблема. После попытки обновления русского перевода через Tools->Translations для Фронт Оффиса все ранее работающие переведенные фразы стали в неверной кодировке - вопросиками.

    Такой ошибки не возникает при обновлении перевода для товаров и категорий.


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