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  1. After I login into Back Office, my working session last until I click on logout button. That mean, if I login and close or turn off my computer, my account still verified in cookie and I still use Back office without having ti login again. I would recommend that we set our session is ended after an amount of time that we don't use the Back Office of turn off computer. That may make Back Office safer and more security.
  2. Dear all, I want install SSL for only Admin part (Back office) of Prestashop site, but I don’t know how I would do. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  3. My product have some attribute: for example color. some instants of color are connected to images. I entered this product well. But an error happens when I duplicate this product. Some information of new product is copy correctly. But all connection between instant of attribute and its image is lost. That mean, when I choose color in the product page of new copied product in front store, there is no change in product image.
  4. I did the same way as: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewreply/15410/ for version R3, it worked well, but version doesn’t work. Then I saw that all translation data files (in \themes\prestashop\lang and \translations\vn) were encoded in UTF-8, in version R3. But in V1.0.0.8, they were not encoded in UTF-8. I opened them in editor by UTF-8 encoding, they were displayed incorrectly. So that, all encoding conversion in making PDF invoice files will fail. Can someone help me?
  5. PDF invoice display Unicode character incorrectly. I configured in the back office the parameters for PDF: font times, code CP1258 (for Vietnamese language), but characters in PDF invoice were incorrect. How can I configure this problem. Thanks developer team.
  6. With the same products' data inputed with back office, Front store display product price unstably. Sometimes, it includes tax, sometimes, it doesn't contain tax value in final price. I don't change the configuration in the back office
  7. You need to change tag in session Accessories in product.tpl. I show below my code after I changed, from line 272. Try it. OK. Accessories will be displayed correctly. {$accessory.description_short|truncate:100} {displayWtPrice p=$accessory.price} {l s='View'} {l s='Add to cart'}
  8. I fixed this error: data: 'ajax_blockcart_display=expand' + '&rand;=' + new Date().getTime() But another error appear: undefined variable static_token when I choose a product into shopping cart Anyone can solve this error, pls show me how to do.
  9. in Admin part, order management, I can't filter order with some order's properties: status, customer. When make filter, results are unchanged.
  10. When list all sales, their descriptions don't appear. I fixed it and application runs well now. changed in file: classes\ProductSale.php, line 48: SELECT p.*, pl.`link_rewrite`, pl.`name`, i.`id_image`, il.`legend`, ps.`quantity` AS sales, t.`rate`, pl.`meta_keywords`, pl.`meta_title`, pl.`meta_description`, pl.`description_short`
  11. I'm in Vietnam, and in our invoices have Unicode characters. Tools for creating PDF invoice can't display Unicode characters correctly. Please help me to solve this problem or developer team can fix this for me. Thanks
  12. After user sends message via contact form successful, application inform the success, but what does end part of this message mean: "Accueil" Code in contact-form.tpl: <ul class="footer_links"> <li><a href="/solution/trunk/"><img class="icon" alt="" src="/solution/trunk/themes/prestashop/img/icon/home.gif"/></a><a href="/solution/trunk/">Accueil</a></li> </ul> Look for answering.
  13. Also, I couldn't add tags in Unicode characters. It's not very good, is it?
  14. 1. In feature list, after I edit a feature name and save it, application add new feature instead of save changes in edit action. 2. In currency list: If I want to add Vietnam dong then application doesn't allow to name currency in Unicode characters 3. When I'm just adding new product, multitext box controls for product description and product detail have many tools for text format. That's exactly WYSIWYW technique. But I couldnt type Unicode characters like Vietnamese characters. When I saved and edit it, all toolboxs for formating were dissapered.
  15. Dear Prestashop's Team I tried to install PrestaShop R.1 on PHP, Linux environment. Unfortunately, installation stops at step 4, and I can't finalize it. I clicked "Next" button but nothing happened. Could you help me to solve this case. Thanks
  16. There are some ways to speed up website: 1. Don't use smart technique. Following function is to get HTML code for category tree without smarty. Website's speed is doubled function getHTMLCategTree($catSelected=0, $maxDepth = 3, $currentDepth = 0, $idLang = NULL) { global $link; //get idLang $idLang = is_null($idLang) ? _USER_ID_LANG_ : intval($idLang); //recursivity for subcategories $childrenNodes = ""; $subcats = $this->getSubCategories($idLang, true); if (sizeof($subcats) AND ($maxDepth == 0 OR $currentDepth < $maxDepth)) { foreach ($subcats as $subcat) { if (!$subcat['id_category']) break ; $categ = new Category($subcat['id_category'] ,$idLang); $HTMLcatItem = "<li>"; if ($catSelected == $categ->id) $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem . '<a href="'.$link->getCategoryLink($categ->id, $categ->link_rewrite).'" class="selected" title="'.$categ->description.'">'.$categ->name.'</a>'; else $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem . '<a href="'.$link->getCategoryLink($categ->id, $categ->link_rewrite).'" title="'.$categ->description.'">'.$categ->name.'</a>'; $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem .$categ->getHTMLCategTree($catSelected, $maxDepth, $currentDepth + 1, $idLang); $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem . "</li>"; $childrenNodes = $childrenNodes . $HTMLcatItem; } $childrenNodes = "<ul>" . $childrenNodes . "</ul>"; } return $childrenNodes; } 2. If you want to use smarty, let set cache for smarty object. This improves speed surprisingly. Best regard, ;D
  17. I have complicated menu, but I fixed this software and now response time is about 6-7 s. Great ;D
  18. I measured response time of website. The original response time is about 20-25 s. After that, I uninstalled category block, response time reduce to 4-5 s. Surprisingly, I opened category block's code, I found that there are too many call for template (to recursive to make tree). That's bad technique. I think weak performance caused by programming technique not by smarty technology. Any one find more cause, pls public for our community. It's very good if these causes are removed.
  19. I'm in Vietnam. In my opinion, this software for retailer. I see some following inconveniences: All information about manufactures and suppliers is in back end, for retailers' using only. There are some unsuitable designs here: 1. Suppliers like distributors. Retailers can only buy goods from suppliers not from manufactures and sell them to customers. So retailers need detail information about suppliers such as address, phone number,.. contact information to make their orders. All these informations are missing in back end of PrestaShop 2. Retailers can't buy goods from manufacturers, but they need introduction information about manufactures in order to choose products for their stores. That mean we don't need to manage manufactures addresses, but we need information about manufactures and their products. If my opinions are correct, we should change design for more realistic.
  20. I translated front end's store into Vietnamese language. I post to you now to for reference. Enjoy it! vn.gzip
  21. I can't order product quantity that is more than 100 each time of clicking button "Add to cart" How can I configure maximum quantity greater than 100? Thanks
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