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  1. Hi,


    i need help regarding category image


    i would like to display category image on home page


    i used following code but it is not helpful

     <img src="{$link->getCatImageLink($parent_category>link_rewrite, $parent_category->id_image, 'category_')|escape:'html'}" alt="{$parent_category->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{$parent_category->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" id="categoryImage" width="{$categorySize.width}" height="{$categorySize.height}" />

    attached is my site snapshot and red arrow where i required category image


    i used countdowntimer module to display product on homepage



    pls help



  2. Thanks for reply


    my site url is sellout.pk/index.php



    module url is





    i tried to contact developer but he is not longer available thats why i am requesting here





    when you goto my site you would find 2 products on home page i want 6


    but if i add 6 this module adds in one column i want 6 products in 2 rows by 3 column

  3. Hi everyone,


    i am new at prestashop


    i bought a module countdown timer for my site


    it grabs product and make vertical carousel (discount price) in left or right column







    1- I dont wanna it carousel/ slide (I have done this by editing CSS file)

    2- I need to transplant in Center column of default theme 

    3- It grabs product and display in one vertical line or column ... i wana 3 products in one row


    Pls help me out thank



  4. yup I want to show products from different category on home page





    Following points would clarify what i exactly want


    1- I want to make 6 product blocks on home page 

    2- Each block has (category heading like fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc)

    3- when i add product from backoffice it should display under its category block


    i have tried this thing by using featured module

    but what happening is


    under fashion category block its showing life style product

    under beauty block its showing another product



    i gues ma Q is clear now?

  5. but that module showing only category photo


    what i want is



    if i upload product related to beauty it should show under beauty category heading

    if i upload product related to fashion it should show under beauty fashion heading


    and after certain time new product take old product place on home page (when product get old) in 2 -3 days


    and 2nd thing i wana know


    can i give a picture based heading to each category?

  6. Hi i am new in prestashop



    i would like to give 6 categories instead of featured product


    and i would like to give heading to each category (that would be a image not text)


    Attached is the image of design

    to change thumbnail size i have customised CSS of home featured module and its completly looking like attached desigin 


    but problem is ...i am unable to give heading to each via image bar



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